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擅長團隊合作溝通, 統整資訊匯總比較 

影片製作/照片修圖, 良好與人溝通能力,

我熱愛分享 銷售技能 中英文溝通流暢



  [email protected]


矽魁科技公司 2012 1-12


模特 2013-2014 

- 拍攝美妝雜誌 美妝頁面

- 拍攝電視廣告(安婕妤保養品,小叮嚀防蚊液, la new鞋,周杰倫mv方文山音樂微電影拍攝, 順利完成每部廣告並且得到更多廣告徵選機會   

演員 2014-2017 

- 加入民視5年拍攝廉政英雄


- 我愛你愛你愛我客串演員

- 參與電視節目綜藝大集合,綜藝大集合

社群網站經營 2017-present

- 拍攝tiktok內容影片, 累積一萬八千粉絲

 - 經營自己ig到7000粉絲 

 - ig, facebook直播分享保養,美妝,運動 

 - 經營YouTube頻道, 搜集各類美妝資訊 從拍攝剪輯內容自己完成影片. 

 - Facebook粉專從0開始利用 小短片,常態發文直播等等的互動方式經營到2萬人

銷售 2018-2019

經營保養品銷售,從ig銷售產品達成6萬銷售業績,從發文,瞭接客戶需求,暸解需求到訂單完成 達成業績  


 銘傳大學國際企業學系畢業 2008-2011

Profile 00 00@2x

Hsinhui Hsieh

10 years experience in performance and art industry. Knowledgeable in video and photo editing. Work well individually as well as in team setting. Passionate in branding and marketing strategies. Efficient in communicating, collecting and analyzing data for companies. Proficient in English and Chinese.  



  [email protected]

Work Experience

矽魁科技公司 2012 1-12

Responsible for introducing the company’s operations to foreign companies 

Modeling 2013-2014 

Worked with the filming industry such as modeling in commercials for Anglee skin care products, La New’s shoes, and Dinling Mosquito Repellent. In addition, participated as a model in one of Jay Chou’s music video.  

Actress 2014-2017 

Signed 5 year contract with FTV. Played a main role in T.V. drama, 廉政英雄. Invited as a guest appearance to T.V. shows such as 綜藝大集合,國光幫幫忙. 

Social Media  2017- present

- Filmed popular Tiktok videos to accumulate 18,000 followers. 

 -Managed and operated personal Instagram account to accumulate 7000 followers.

- Started YouTube channel to put out cosmetic and lifestyle related content.

 - Operated personal Facebook account and accumulated 20,000 followers. Shared mainly lifestyle content. 

- Participated in live streams for skin care products, make up and sports fashion and apparel.

Sales 2018-2019

Sales skincare products. Met monthly targeted sales. Accumulated loyal costumers. 


 Ming Chuan University 2008-2011
- Major: International Business

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