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曾懷恩 Huai-En Tseng

I earned my master degree at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. I am familiar with data plane network function virtualization programming, high performance data plane system in data center, OpenFlow protocol, OpenvSwitch, RDMA programming, SR-I/OV, system programming optimization, eBPF/XDP, Intel DPDK, Linux kernel packet processing, userspace IO driver and Ryu SDN controller.
The major using programming language is C language.
During my M.S., I manage to modify SR-I/OV NIC device driver and combined it with my own service function chain agent to make SR-I/OV NIC can be used with SDN service function chain without any external device.
After graduated, I manage to implement a virtual residential gateway with Intel DPDK after work by myself.
Currently, I have several side projects about OpenFlow software switch and RDMA in progress.

Software engineer
[email protected]

工作經歷 Work 

中華電信研究院 Chunghwa Telecom Lab., 副研究員 Associate Researcher , Sep 2018 ~ Now

寬頻網路研究所 Broadband Network Laboratory, 接取網路 Access networks
I work in Broadband Network department and focus on vOLT(virtual Optical Line Terminal) and Cloud Native technology. Also, my colleagues and I have published several papers at telecommunication journal in ChungHwa Telcom. My major job is help our department to virtualize telecommunication equipment. We also have some co-work with Edgecore, Radisys, Sterlite, Netsia in ONF(Open Networking Foundation) SEBA vOLT solution for 1 and half year. At the same time, I develop vRG(virtual Residential Gateway) by myself after work to help our virtual Home Gateway project testing, the vRG system supports 10Gbps network speed and max to 2000 users.

學歷 Education

臺灣科技大學 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, 碩士 Master Degree, Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization, 2016 ~ 2018

Thesis: The Low Latency Service Function Chain with SR-I/OV in Software Defined Network

技能 Skills

  • RDMA programming
  • RoCE
  • Intel DPDK
  • eBPF
  • TCP/IP and socket programming
  • Linux network stack
  • C programming
  • Python programming 
  • System programming
  • multi-process/thread programming
  • PPPoE protocol
  • OpenFlow protocol
  • OpenvSwitch
  • Linux device driver
  • Linux process scheduling
  • Linux process performance analysis

教學 Teaching

I had been SDN/NFV tutor for half year after work. I teach SDN controller application development, OpenFlow protocol, OpenvSwitch, virtualization, and programming language.

virtual Residential Gateway

Projects 00 00@2x


A virtualized Residential Gateway implementation using DPDK
Github Link

OpenFlow software switch

Projects 00 00@2x

OpenFlow software switch

An OpenFlow software switch, we provide either DPDK or BSD socket mode

Github link
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