Hard work in Semiconductor industrial

Taichung City, Taiwan
Email:[email protected]

Phone:0965621730 / 0988781730


國立高雄應用科技大學 (KUAS), 學士學位, Department of Electronic Engineering, 2008 ~ 2012

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Work Experience

TSMC, Product Engineer, Sep 2014 ~ Jun 2021

TSMC (2018/01~2021/06).
Product engineering
Contact Apple engineer and bring up TP on SLT5033/5037 tool

Maintain SLT-5033/5037 and CP/FT product yield, support engineering.
Repair Tester ,replace PE Card and change Tester board configuration , make product smoothly。
Teradyne platform and Advantest Platform (Include SLT System Level Systems) are usually used in my job

KYEC, Product Engineer, Sep 2012 ~ Aug 2014

Contact with the Silicon Labs, customers are Singaporeans, used platform is Teradyne-FLEX/Ultra -FLEX.
And contact another l one customer - Huawei Technologies ,used platform replacement for the Verigy-93k.



Teradyne UFlex iFlex

Advantest 93K










 Front-End Development


English (TOEIC:600) / Japanese(N3)


    My name is Wade Lin. I’m thirty-one years-old this year, had worked for eight years in the Semiconductor industry. 

After discharging from the military, I worked in KYEC, contact with the Silicon Labs, customers are Singaporeans, used platform is Teradyne-FLEX/Ultra -FLEX. 

   After one year, my boss request me to contact additional one customer - Huawei Technologies Co.,used platform replacement for the Verigy-93k. 

   Huawei is the world's second net-com company, the company is also the latest introducing product , In King Yuan three years, I learn a lot of knowledge about work and how to conduct oneself and to associate with people, it benefit me a lot.     In 2014, I received a interview notice from the TSMC cause my friend recommendation. 

   Due to large mass production in the company for Apple in TSMC, so I charge SLT tool. My job still be related to SLT tool now ,help customer production in TSMC smoothly. 

   In 2021 July, I further my study about software , improve my program language skill. I learned HTML+CSS, Javascript, PHP, Front-End/Back-End web development.

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