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身為視覺傳達設計畢業的學生,我對於藝術和設計擁有強大的熱誠和創造力,同時也具備足夠的能力將文字 和概念具體地圖像化。在學習的過程中,我所擁有的程式基礎和數位影像創作能力使我能夠將所有的抽象概 念結合到不同領域中並清楚地表達出來。 

在求學的過程中,我所擁有的程式基礎和數位影像創作能力使我能夠將所有的抽象概念結合到不同領域中並清楚地表達出來。 透過就學期間所學習到的專業知識,加上校內外社團活動和學生組織所累積的各種領導與溝通能力,將更能 使我快速地、有效率地融入一個團隊中 

As a Visual Communication Design and Business Administration Graduate, I have an appetite to art&design and an aptitude to create visual language. My skill in digital design and programming allows me to connect art&design concepts with many different fields.

Throughout my career I have researched topics, generated engaging content and organized activities. In addition to continually seeking and building expertise, I play a vital role in supporting team-wide success through effective leadership.
Connect with me and let’s share the story that shows you mean art&design.



主要透過 Max/Msp 視覺化程式語言創作互動視覺語言,同時也具備網頁開發技巧和使用者介面設計。

Mainly using Max/Msp which is a visual programming for audio, visual media in interactive creativity. Website development skill with UI/UX design knowledge.


專精於各種Adobe數位影像處理的軟 體、攝影技能和動態影像的創作和編 輯,同時不斷專研當代美感的敏銳度和對於創意力的各種表達方式。

I fully specialize digital image processing with Adobe system, photography and moving images and

strong understanding of current Art&Design practice and debates with creativity thinking .


學生時期參與各種不同的校內外社團活 動和學生活動組織,當中包括社團幹部 領導營、產學合作計畫和各式培訓營隊 來建立強大的團隊合作能力和領導能 力,能夠有效率地融入一個工作團隊。 

In all roles I direct the activities of school clubs and extra curriculum experience to ensure proper operation of  events and schedules  function with effective communication.

Office Software: Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel.

Image Processing Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere

Interactive Design Development Environment: Cycling Max/Msp ( C, C#, Java Script ) with Open CV and Open GL, Processing ( Java ), Arduino

Web Development Platform: Dreamhost with Web SQL Database Setting,Http Domain Setting, Wordpress (PHP) with UI/Ux Design(Html, Css, Java Script)

Work Experience

NCTU Industry-academia Cooperation, 交大產學培育企劃_太空兄弟股份有限公司, Sep 2014 ~ Dec 2015

UI/UX Designer and Graphic Designer

SoundWave Festival, 搖滾奔樂音樂節, Sep 2014 ~ Dec 2016

Digital Design Marketing

USC Industry-academia Cooperation, 實踐大學產學培育企劃, Sep 2016 ~ Dec 2016

Graphic Designer and Web Designer

3nd NTU Music Festival, 第三屆台大音樂節, Mar 2016

Director of Audio-Visual videos

FJU Digital Music Club, 輔仁大學數位音樂研究社,Sep 2017 ~ Dec 2017

Technician of Audio-Visual videos

University for Creative arts, 英國創意藝術大學, Sep 2019 ~ Dec 2019

Teaching Assistant of Tutor and Technician

Element, co Ltd. 愛麗鎂創意影像行銷工作室, Jan 2020 ~

Art Director


Shih Chien University, Bachelor of Business Administration, 2012 ~ 2016

Subject : Financial Management with data analytics

Final Project: Excellent Work

University for creative arts, Master of Visual Communication Design, 2018 ~ 2019

Subject: Media and Technology Development with Artificial Intelligence 


1. We Are Human_We Are Posthuman 

2. We Are Machine_Machine Like Us 

3. We Are Data_The Digital Shell.JPG 

4. We Are Data_Ghost In The Machine 

5. We Are Machine_In The Digital Prison

Final Grade: Distinction


ITLES Academic Language Exam : Band 6.5

Adobe Certified Associate Certification : Photoshop CS6

Microsoft Certification Exam : Office Word Expert 

GOETHE-ZERTIFIKAT A2 (德語測驗 A2 級別)   

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