Walter M Helwich

Walter M Helwich is an American IT programmer born and raised in New York City. Working as a freelancer programmer, he figured out that there must be a better, faster and generally safer way for people to get organised with lots of files and documents.
Shortly after graduation, Walter M Helwich got a job in IT sector, back in 1980. After the initial fame, he was promoted to a senior web programmer and then to a project leader, aka Programming Leader.
His experience in the help and support group has proven crucial for Walter Helwich to gain knowledge about many scenarios that people faced. Walter M Helwich soon realized that the job is not best suited for him, so he left to be a general software programmer.
Learning C/C++ was a piece of cake for him, as he proved to be quite the logician and mathematician. Using regular methods he used this former knowledge of his and developed a genius app.

Senior Developer
City, US
[email protected]

Work Experience

Walter M Helwich, Founder, Sep 1992 ~ Present

While still at university, Walter M Helwich got a job working at the Denver Institute of Technology. At that time computer programming was not a degree, and computer labs were looking for anyone with potential to help on their computers. Walter M Helwich, with his unflagging curiosity, seemed perfect for the job. After working there for a few years, helping develop, alongside other scientists, more advanced computer systems and software, he started his own company.


University of California, Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science, 1989 ~ 1993

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