Wan Hsuan Wu


Programing Language


–  JavaScript


– RESTful APIs 


Firebase Cloud Services

– Authentication

– Database

– Hosting

User Interface

– Responsive Web Design (RWD) 

– Single Page Application (SPA)

Library & Framework

– React

– React Router

Development Tools

– npm

– Webpack

– Babel

– Git / GitHub

– Jest


B.S.,Civil Engineering


AppWorks School, Front-End Trainee - 2020.04~08

  • Built an e-commerce website STYLiSH in 3 weeks independently.
  • Collaborated with Android and backend trainee to add advanced features like product comment and extend member system with logistics tracking feature. 
  • Completed personal project in 5 weeks. 
  • Adopted Agile / Scrum for project management.

T.Y.LIN INTERNATIONAL TAIWAN LTD, Structural Department Intern - 2018.07~08

Project: National Freeway Bridge Seismic Analysis Evaluation and Retrofit 


DOIT - A to do list application, combined with calendar system and list feature to track working hours. 

  • Built a SPA with React and React router.
  • Used Firebase Services(Authentication/Database/Hosting) to build and deploy website.
  • Managed composite indexes in Cloud Firestore to use compound queries.
  • Built to-do list with perpetual calendar system. Enable user to proceed CRUD operations for task management.
  • Synchronized tasks update between monthly, weekly and daily log components.
  • Built a time picker. Enabled user to reschedule tasks to month, week, date with calendar UI.
  • Built List feature with Google Charts. Enabled user to track working hours of tasks and view time distribution of customized lists.
  • Optimized user interaction to improve UX. (e.g., User can submit on Enter, close board by clicking outside. ) 
  • Supported RWD on mobile, tablet devices.
STYLiSH  - An e-commerce website. 

  • Implemented carousel slider and infinite scroll with HTML, CSS, plain JavaScript. 
  • Fetched data through RESTful API by AJAX. 
  • Developed shopping cart with localStorage and Cookie. 
  • Integrated TapPay SDK for payment system. 
  • Integrated Facebook SDK and Facebook Graph API for member system. 
  • Made SVG check mark animation on thank you page.


TOEIC: golden certificate / GEPT: high-intermediate Level

Front-End develop, Information System training program , NTU CSIE 

Introduction to React Native course, Information System training program , NTU CSIE 

Python programming, Information System training program , NTU CSIE


junior/senior high school tutoring 2016~now 

after-school tutoring volunteer in Anchor AgapeBible Church 2016~2017.02 

Tokyo Univ. / Seoul Univ. / Taiwan Univ.Trilateral CE Student Activity 2017.07 

Guangxi volunteer club 2018 09~2019 02

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