蘇育褘 (Water Su)

I am a person with passion, responsibility, self-motivated, target-oriented, and also a team player.

Pursuing elegant, intuitive, and easy to use user experiences on my work. 

Expect to have an easy to read, and easy to maintain coding style in my product. 

App Team Lead, Senior iOS Developer
[email protected]


iOS Development

  • Swift / Objective-C 
  • RxSwift 
  • MVVM 
  • UnitTest 
  • Cocoapods / Carthage 
  • Git version control


  • Scrum / Daily Stand up 
  • Code Review with Github 
  • CI/CD with Jenkins 
  • Python or other scripts to automatize

Soft skill

  • To be a role model of the team and show a quality of high productivity and efficiency. If a member can not keep up, I will help him to accomplish it. 
  • Encourage the team to provide their thoughts, and discuss with them when making decisions. To reach a consensus and work together. 
  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual, and provide them suggestions to help them grow together with the team. 
  • Make the team work together in a good tempo and working climate. 


Access Taiwan Lab, Team Lead, Aug 2020 ~ Oct 2021

  • Joined an International scrum team, with peer review, daily stand up. 
  • Fitting into the original team working style, and accomplished difficult tasks. 
  • Leading senior engineers up to 15 members to achieve the sprint goal in time. 
  • Provide suggestions to senior members, and guidance to juniors. 
  • Communicate in behalf of our team with PM or BD to remove barrier of the progress.
  • RxSwift / MVVM 
  • Unit Test / GitHub / Code Review / JIRA / Slack / Jenkins
  • API integration / Apple iAP / Push Notification / Deeplink 
I have wrote some articles for the experiences these time: Medium - Water Su


Deepblu, Engineer Lead, Feb 2020 ~ Jul 2020


  • Organize a new engineer team, recruiting members.
  • Maintaining Web, iOS App, Android App, Backend daily operation and troubleshooting.
  • Participate in formulating specifications of new product.
  • Communicate with supplier and doing integration test for early stage of new hardware product.
  • The project has been suspended due to COVID-19.


WordUp, iOS Engineer, Nov 2018 ~ Oct 2019


  • Form a start up team with friends.
  • Build a new product from sketch, design the structure of app by ourselves.
  • Provide suggestions of UI/UX from my experiences.
  • Discuss and defining API with backend engineer.
  • Review and manage outsourcing android app.


Deepblu, iOS Team Lead, Jan 2017 ~ Nov 2018


  • Handling the main work of code refactoring. Doing refactor and new function development in a limited schedule.
  • Raise crash-free-rate from 80% to 95% or higher.
  • Been promoted to iOS Team Lead with trust by supervisor and colleagues in a short time after onboard.
  • Use python or other script tools to speed up workflow of the team.
  • Join product meeting, make contribution on defining specs.
  • Introduce new technologies or concepts like RxSwift and MVVM design pattern.
  • Refactor for Legacy / MVC to MVVM / RxSwift 
  • Pair programming / Jenkins 
  • Complex UI structure / Complex API combination / Deeplink
I have wrote some articles for the experiences these time:


Keeprice, Engineer, Apr 2015 ~ Dec 2016

  • build my app from sketch 
  • e-marketing and promotion


AP-Mobile, Technical Lead Engineer , May 2014 ~ Sep 2014

  • The only iOS developer
  • UI/UX design, API integration, 3rd party service integration.
  • Co-work with android, design and business teams.


GSiMedia, Senior Engineer, Sep 2006 ~ Apr 2014

  • DRM related solution
  • iOS and Android App on e-book reader, audio and video player. 
  • Android App for photo viewer and file browser.
  • Development software for mobile devices, like Windows mobile, SymbianS60.
  • 2007-2010: Windows Mobile/Symbian/Android Software Development
  • 2006-2007: Audio codec porting and maintenance



NCKU, Master Degree, CSIE, 2004 ~ 2006

A Progressive Design Flow and Its Application to H.264 BP RDO Encoder VLSI Design


NCKU, Bachelor degree, CSIE, 2000 ~ 2004

President of the student association of CSIE Department
President of AIKIDO Club