蘇育褘 (Water Su)

I am a person with responsibility, passion, and enjoy working with people. 

Pursuing elegant, intuitive, and easy to use user experiences on my work. 

Expecting to have a easy to read, and easy to maintain coding style in developing. 

Recently, I mainly use RxSwift with MVVM design pattern.

App Team Lead, Senior iOS Developer
[email protected]


iOS Develop

  • Swift / Objective-C 
  • RxSwift 
  • MVVM 
  • UnitTest 
  • Cocoapods / Carthage 
  • Git version control


  • Scrum / Daily Stand up 
  • Code Review 
  • CI/CD with Jenkins 
  • Python or scripts to automatize


Access Taiwan Lab / MIRAI Network, Team Lead, Aug 2020 ~ Now

  • Joined an International scrum team, with peer review, daily stand up.
  • Provide tech advise to colleague.
  • People management, inspire members to achieve the sprint goal.
  • RxSwift / MVVM / Unit Test / GitHub / Code Review / JIRA / Slack
  • API integration / Apple iAP / Push Notification / Deeplink 


Deepblu, Engineer Lead, Feb 2020 ~ Jul 2020


  • Organize a new engineer team, recruit and interview.
  • Maintaining Web, iOS App, Android App, Backend daily operation and troubleshooting.
  • Participate defining spec of new product.
  • Communicate with supplier and doing integration test for early stage of new hardware product.


WordUp, iOS Engineer, Nov 2018 ~ Oct 2019


  • Form a start up team with friends.
  • Build a new product from scratch, design the structure of app by self.
  • Provide suggestions from my experience of UI/UX.
  • Discuss and define API with backend engineer.
  • Review and manage outsourcing android app.


Deepblu, iOS Team Lead, Jan 2017 ~ Nov 2018


  • Handling the main work of code refactoring. Doing refactor and new function development in a limited time schedule.
  • Raise the crash-free-rate from 80% to 95% or higher.
  • Been promote to iOS Team Lead with trust by supervisor and colleagues in a short time after onboard.
  • Use python or other scripts to speed up the team workflow.
  • Join the product meeting, help on defining spec.
  • To introduce new technology like RxSwift and MVVM design pattern.


Keeprice, Engineer, Apr 2015 ~ Dec 2016

  • Try to startup a new app.
  • Plan for the functions of app, UI flow and system structure by self.
  • Also do FB marketing and promotion videos. 


AP-Mobile, Technical Lead Engineer , May 2014 ~ Sep 2014

  • Development the main iOS app for company alone.
  • UI/UX design, API integration, 3rd party service integration.
  • Co-work with other team.


GSiMedia, Senior Engineer, Sep 2006 ~ Apr 2014

  • Self learning on new technology.
  • iOS and Android App development with digital right management on e-book reader, audio and video player. 
  • Android App development for photo viewer and file browser.

  • Development software for mobile devices at that time.
  • 2007-2010: Windows Mobile/Symbian/Android Software Development
  • 2006-2007: Audio Codec porting and maintenance



NCKU, Master Degree, CSIE, 2004 ~ 2006

A Progressive Design Flow and Its Application to H.264 BP RDO Encoder VLSI Design


NCKU, Bachelor degree, CSIE, 2000 ~ 2004

President of the student association of CSIE Department
President of AIKIDO Club