Wei-Ting Lin

Master of Software Development, University of Glasgow  2019/09 - 2020/09  QS 73 

An eager data/backend engineer willing to accept challenges and wishing to change people's lives .

  Taipei City, Taiwan     [email protected]   



  • Experience on Flask API and ETL
  • Familiar with http/s requests
  • Solve client's web automation, production Linux GUI needs
  • Selenium


  • Build a daily algorithm aiming to parse nested SQL code into an audit report
  • Familiar with text processing
  • Troubleshooting, migrate and install SAS 94/Viya (Ansible) on Windows, Centos and k8s
  • DB to reports (Proc report)


  • Experience in API/DB integration
  • Experience in troubleshooting data pipeline
  • Experience in batch scripts, such as stock trading, JSON API, risk group scoring
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle


  • Experience in SQL batch uploading for large data
  • Build a client/Server GUI poker game independently
  • Spring boot, JDBC, JPA and Log4j on a bank system solution
  • Develop Java Spring boot App on GCP K8S


  • Serverless Node.Js API for stock trading sandbox
  • Experience in D3 integration with the data visualization web platform, such as reactive real-time timeline charts


  • SAS ML teacher experience
  • Google-line chatbot
  • GUI application
  • Experience in creating a RWD, UI/UX social media website
  • Jmeter scripts and testing
  • Guide junior colleagues
  • Learning: Kafka
  • PHP front/back-end piecework 

Work Experience

Dawning Technology  

Data Engineer  2020/08 - Present

  • Developed a daily log parser ETL for a top bank client, which aimed to parse 30 GB of unstructured-data into an audit report . Also tuned the ETL to reduce executing time from 3 days to 3 hrs and significantly reduce the size of data from 10 GB to 500 MB per day .
  • Troubleshot data pipeline for a material supplier (MS SQL).
  • In a top bank loan risk scoring system project: 
    • Led a junior colleague to develop Spring boot Restful API servers.
    • Developed a batch Java to parse and upload diverse kinds of semi-structured data to 19 DB tables with different schema.
    • Cross collaborated with other companies and developed an Oracle data pipeline for the risk group scoring calculations. 
    • Developed 7 audit reports in SAS and a template for colleagues.
  • Collaborated with the data analyst and developed Flask Python apps to automatic ML for a government client.
  • Installed, migrated and troubleshot SAS Servers and ETL on Windows, Redhat/Centos and k8s environment for banks, universities and government clients.
  • Lead our team to be the only team that accomplishes all the challenging tasks in the SAS IFRS17 solution partner training.

Taian Insurance

Reinsurance Assistant 2017/06 - 2019/04

  • Conduct text processing and Excel to automate the monthly billing process, quarterly risk reports and risk strategy calculations, reducing around 3 days of working time per month.


University of Glasgow  QS 73

Master of Software Development, with distinction •  2019/09 - 2020/09

  • Graduate project- Stock trading and managing chatbot with Google Dialogflow in Taiwan
    Built a stock trading chat bot with GCP PostgreSQL API, Node.js API and DialogFlow NLP

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Industrial Management  •  2012/09 - 2016/06