Wei Chung, Chen

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

E-mail:[email protected]

Education National Taiwan University, 2017-Present

B.B.A., Information Management 

[Relevant IT course] Programing design(C++), DSA, OS, Database(SQL), Computer Networks, Computer Security 

[Relevant Analytical course] Statistics, Operation Research


Quantitative Finance Program 

 [Relevant Finance course] Financial Management, Financial Products and Markets




  • TOEFL iBT 94 (R27, L23, S20, W24) , 2019
  • TOEIC 905 (Gold Certificate) , 2017
  • GEPT Intermediate Level, 2015

Programming Language

  • C++/Basic Python
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • R Coding
  • SQL


KANTO-PPC Company | Dynamic Vehicle Scheduling Project, July 2019 - Present

 - Implement the mathematical models with Operation Research (Python, AMPL) in order to optimize the daily 

   vehicle schedule (e.g. Minimize the cost)

 - Used by the administrator through the front-end interface (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) of the web page, and 

   output the final plan after the decision into an Excel file for the other users

Functionally Reduced And-Inverter Graph Project, 2020

 - Implement Boolean functions in combinational equivalence checking (e.g. remove useless gates > simplify 

   and combine fan-in gates > simulate and classify gates with similar signal)

 - Evaluate the performance in complex cases

Job Searching and Personal Recommendation System, 2020

 - Connect the frond-end browser page with the back-end database of users' abilities and expectations & jobs' 

   requirements  (PHP, SQL), and print out the recommended jobs for individuals

 - List the jobs in each of the category, e.g. industry, company

Inbound Visitors Forecasting Project, 2020

 - Do time series and predictive analytics of the number of inbound visitors (R coding), forecast monthly data 

   next year, and analyze the possible factors of different seasonal indices

 - Make further suggestions about government policy and tourism sales based on the predictive model

Diet Plan Decision System, 2019

 - Simulate various concerns of diet in different situations (e.g. payment, happiness), and use Operation 

   Research to implement different objective functions and constraints to figure out personal diet plans

 - Extended to nutrient requirements in different situations (e.g. bodybuilders, seniors) to make optimal 

   decisions under conditions


Cyber Security Competitions, CTF (Catch The Flag)

 - Team up for the competition of CTF, and find out the security vulnerability in many fields (e.g. 

   Cryptography, Web Exploitation, OSINT...etc)

 - Competition participation:

   1st place in Taiwan | X-MAS CTF 2019

   Finals | AIS3 EOF 2019

NTU English Debate Society | Public Relations, Feb 2019 - Aug 2019

 - Co-organize some international competitions and events, such as North-East Asia Open (NEAO), Taiwan

   Debate Open (TDO), NTU English Debate Workshop

 - Competition participation: 

   Semi-Finalist | Final Competition of Wenzao English Debate Workshop

   Semi-Finalist | NCCU Debate Novice Cup

Taiwan Monte Jade | Project Execution Intern, Sep 2018 - 2019

 - Establish a business front-end website for the association

 - Communicate with managers in various fields and gain a deeper insight of industry through the Mentor 


Information Management Student Association | Minister of Activities Department, Sep 2018 - 2019

 - Co-organize the activities and performances in IM department, and establish a good relationship of 
   cooperation with peers

ATCC Case Competition --- OFF THE WALL, 2018

 - Step out of the academic field, deeply understand the industry flow, and figure out a solution of an existed 
   problem or potential problems


National Taiwan University, 2017-Present

   - B.B.A., Information Management

     [Relevant IT course]    Programing design(C++), DSA, OS, Database(SQL), Computer Networks, Computer Security

     [Relevant Analytical course]   Statistics, Operation Research

   - Quantitative Finance Program

     [Relevant Finance course]   Financial Management, Financial Products and Markets