Wei Cheng

 Managing Partner of CakeResume 

The number one feeling about being a managing partner is when you see people grow. To see them setting their own goals, realizing the importance of taking responsibilities and making an impact to society. This happens at CakeResume, everyday.


Global Mission

Our mission is to connect talent with great opportunities.

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At CakeResume, we’re creating a whole new approach to connecting talent with opportunity in the digital era. To do it, we empower hundreds of thousands of people around the world to present their talents the way they love with the world's top online multimedia resume/portfolio building software, and bring like-minded professionals together to talk shop, share experiences and be inspired by others through our Talent Connect events.

What do I do at CakeResume? 

Title shouldn't matters, but in the workplace, everyone has to have a title to represent a function in a team.

Generally, a startup COO is the behind-the-scenes partner who teams with the founder/CEO from the very beginning to build the company. A startup COO is a role to complement the founder/CEO's skill-set and help the company scale. The functions a COO may run vary from company to company.

For me at CakeResume, our founder takes well care of the product —, so I look after in public relations and business fields including communications, business development and fundraising.

Going forward, my functions may shift from time to time based on different stages of growth, but it doesn't matter what I have to do, my job will be the same as it’s always been: help CakeResume grows, and help different people connect to great opportunities around the world.

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CakeResume Careers

We are passionate about connecting talent with opportunity, and are huge fans of technology.

To create an ecosystem where diverse talent can get connected to great opportunities around the world. We need your talent. Join us!

Find your opportunity

It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

Bruce Wayne
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Joined a talent platform startup to help a tough boy continue writing his story, and to help talented youth explore their career options.

Launched and ran an online travel search engine with friends in SF Bay Area.

Created my little coffee empire.

If I don't do startup, maybe I will

Make a movie in Tarantino style.

Invest in rock music industry.

Operate a dairy farm.

Play poker.
Stay in Paris.