Chung Cheng University, Mechanical Engineering, 2021/08 

Hi, I'm Dean. A new candidate graduated from Chung Cheng University, Mechanical Engineering this year. Having one year of experience in the machinery manufacturing industry. In graduate school, I researched plasma and built CFD module simulation, and led foreign students to carry out experiments. 

        Taichung, Taiwan, [email protected], 0988655663

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Jet Plasma Research

  • Using ICCD, IR, OES to analyze the components of plasma, and physical characteristics, discovered that the plasma plume is not a continuous state but composed of plasma groups like a bullet.
  • Building 2D/3D CFD module to compare with experiment results. It shows about 96 % similarity and reduces 90 % program execution time.
  • Analyze heat transfer problems and compare with experiment.
  • Learning finite element method and using  Abaqus for analysis stress problem.


  • Computational fluid dynamics Simulation (CFD) 
  • Abaqus stress analyze
  • SolidWorks / CAD
  • C++/C


  • English — Proficient (TOEIC score 935)
  • Chinese — Native

Work Experience

Product Management, 玄記產業有限公司

  • Maintain production capacity and quality
  • Check the operation of the machine and trouble-shooting

2017/08 - 2018/08


National Chung Cheng University (CCU)

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

 Professor: Kun-Mo Lin

• Lab: Applied Plasma Lab

• Master's thesis: Astomospheric Helium Jet Plasma's discharge behavior and bullet effect research 

2019/09 - 2021/08

National Central University (NCU)

Life Science

2014/09 - 2017/06

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