A passionate and responsible Android developer that loves to learn new technics and deliver a flawless and unique product experience to users. During my intern job, I've learned to work and communicate effectively with team members, also learned to code in a structured and readable way. 

Looking forward in the future to satisfy this job at your team and love to explore more about android development.


Android Developer ( 1+ Years work experience )

Taipei, TW
[email protected]






RESTful API、Retrofit 2、 Glide、Fresco

Tools and Version Control

Slack、GItLab、Jira、Postman、Zeplin、Invision、AdobeXD、SourceTree and Git

Structure and Design Pattern

MVVM、MVP、Clean Code Architecture、Dependency Injection

Work Experience

Down, Junior Android Developer, Sep 2021 ~ Present

Down, Summer Android Intern, Jul 2021 ~ Sep 2021

Cooperate with one senior android engineer, mainly working on the DOWN dating app that has over a million users, help to think how to make a better user experience, engage more about the product it self, work closely with marketing and design team to improve the app quality. (Primary develop with Kotlin)

  • Build location search on map feature with google maps SDK
  • Implement sent and seen status into message room retrieving data from backend
  • Write test case for new feature
  • Help to implement new analytics properties into the product using Amplitude and Firebase Analytics
  • Experience with using Jira as a management tool for product development

25Sprout, Android Developer Intern, Aug 2020 ~ Jun 2021

Develop Insurance and Public transportation company client's app including weather reports, health prediction, notification center, ticket history related features etc., Learn to develop using modern android development skills such as RxJava, Hilt and Retrofit2 technics. (Primary develop with Kotlin)
  • Create Custom Layout to increase development efficiency
  • Build multiple recyclerViews that can let user search, update, or refresh data dynamically
  • Build API connection to retrieve client's backend data
  • Implemented Firebase Analytics event into projects to analyze user behavior
  • Cooperate with another iOS intern in assisting our mentors to develop an common feature 

Side Projects

YouBike Info 2021

An app that can show YouBike stops remaining bicycles. The app was build with: 

  • MVVM structure
  • Dependency Injection using Hilt
  • Retrofit2
  • Material Design Components

Github Link

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SpaceX News 2021

I’ve always a SpaceX fan, this app retrieves data from SpaceX open information and present it to user. The app was build with:

  • Clean Code Architecture
  • Dependency Injection using Hilt
  • Retrofit2
  • Material Design Components
  • Motion Layout

Github Link

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GoGoDrive 2021

This is a concept UI design App for car driver. It records driving route and user input cost detail and create output cost reports .

Adobe XD Link

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Questfy 2018

First ever created app that is still on play store. App was design for student who has problem about their studies. It allow student to meet each other in places to discuss common problems

Play Store Link

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Chaoyang University of Technology

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA),  2017 ~ 2021

  • Studied courses major involved in Marketing and Product Design Management.
  • Worked with other filed of students to develop an app prototype also comes with a business plan.
  • Participate multiple marketing contesting for variety products.
  • Thesis studies research on how to use Instagram as a marketing tool to promote a product effectively” and gain positive result from school thesis competition
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