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Wen Po-ching  (Bao)

Expert in Software Test and bug handling. 

Experience in building up training course and technical support. 

Curious and initiative person likes to think and ask. 

Warm and Easygoing person likes to make friends.

Love western music and movies. 

Favorite sport body combat and weight training.


Tel: +886988321014
[email protected]


Auto Test Section

1. Make test plan and annual plan schedule 

2. Monitor auto test system and enhanced stability and efficiency 

3. Maintain auto test project

4. Build and manage auto test project 

5. Support team members on project issues and problem solving 

6. Monitor and negotiate bug issues

Manual Test Section

1. Test Execution and Create Test documentation 

2. New Function Test 

3. Build and manage test project with Fogbugz system 

4. Bug report and re-confirmation 

5. Report and confirm bug issues 

Technical Support Section

1. Oversea support for technical issues. 

2. Customer Training. 

3. Cooperate with Customer / Sales / RD as a project manager.

Automation Section 

1. Equipment maintained skills 

2. Performance evaluation and assurance. 

3. Troubleshooting and SOP documentation.



1. Data Science Methodology    

    Certification Link

2. Data Visualization with Python

    Certification Link

3. Data Analysis with Python

    Certification Link

4. Python for Data Science and AI 

    Certification Link

5.  What is Data Science?

    Certification Link


English IELTS 6.0

Work Experience

Moldex3DQuality Assurance Dept.,2017/Aug - Now

Vice Manager of Auto Test Section

Developing and maintenance of auto test system would be major duties. Also, cooperating with three subordinates and taking over auto test system would be new tasks. It is essential events that negotiation and discussion with RDs relating to function and bugs. By using Test Complete application and python, auto tests are launched regularly for each release version. Besides, it is necessary to cooperate with RDs to build proper test cases for auto tests.

Experiences 00 00@2x 504900dc09d82f711fdb54cf5763251cab5193a844856da978b2b8f3907ecd5a

Moldex3DResearch and Development Dept.,2010/Aug - 2017 / Aug

Senior Engineer of Quality Assurance Section

Focusing on software usability and stability, it goes through more test events including New Function Test, Manual test, Test documentation and bug tracking. Considering Software quality improvement, new function test procedure and bug tracking systems are set up by Fogbugz which is a project management and bug tracking system. Manual tests are classified as Solver accuracy, Mesh functionality and UI usability and are traceable on Fogbugz system. Then, manual tests documentation would be archived and managed by SVN which is version control application.

Experiences 00 01@2x 6daa47d1df70d315f129dcecdd562003831581c4cdd8f9c819aa22d4a24ae150

Moldex3DTechnical Support Dept.,2008/July - 2010/Aug

Engineer of Technical Support Section

 In Technical Support Dept., I learn how to manage a training project by building up training courses and certification system. Besides, I assist Sales Dept. to present our software and cooperate with RD Dept. to solve customer's issues onsite. However, it is exciting experience to stay in Korea offering onsite training for half month. It is beneficial for onsite experience and listen to user's opinions.

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Inotera Memories inc.Automation Dept.,2007/Jan - 2008/Jun

Engineer of AMHS Section

Equipment maintenance and performance assurance would be main duties. Regarding to performance assurance, it requires to make SOP documentation to avoid critical status and troubleshooting process. Furthermore, working with an efficient staff from Japan is a valuable  experience that contains the honor of work and teamwork spirit.

Experiences 00 02@2x d08cb731546334ac3e784c5845e368719bba256a127be86e720a634d798b8bb9


RMIT University in Australia,2004 - 2006

Master Degree of Business Information Technology

  • Data analysis
  • Database infrastructure 
  • Business strategy

Chung-yuan University in Taiwan,2001 - 2003

Master Degree of Mechanical Engineer - Automation

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