Wendly Li

  • Language: C/C++, Java, Python, Go, Rust
  • Windows system, Linux system, Linux driver programming
  • Android framework and Android App programming
  • MCU, RTOS, and DSP programming

  New Taipei City, Taiwan      

Working Experience

Jul 2017 - Present

Senior Software Engineer  Flo Technologies, inc.

Embedded Linux

  • Familiar with TI am335x, BeagleBone and Yocto
  • Integrated mender with u-boot. Initialized hardware at the earlier stage
  • Ported lcd driver to u-boot. Familiar with tilcdc driver
  • Implemented driver for flow sensor, PT sensor and tri-color leds
  • Familiar with Sysvinit, Systemd, dbus
  • Implemented HAL, daemons, apps in go and python
  • Familiar with mqtt, WebSocket, restful API
  • Familiar with RxRust, Asyncio
  • Familiar with sqlite ORM. Includes peewee(py), GORM(go)
  • Open source project porting
    • Ported numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn to yocto
    • Ported rust-qt/ritual to yocto
  • Investigated and fixed the most complicated issues


  • Familiar with esp32, FreeRTOS
  • Implemented ulp program which is written in Assembly
  • Implemented HAL and framework for easily porting
  • Implemented http client and server

Software Development

  • Agile Development, Jira, Git Flow with github and gitlab
  • CI/CD: Nightly build or trigger a build when the code is changed

Jul 2015 - Jun 2017

CTO  Yongyun Eletronic


  • Familiar with SHARC ADSP21489 by Analog Device Inc
  • Implemented custom modules for SigmaStudio
  • Support Hi-Res Audio. Support 96kHz real time calculation for all algorithms
  • Parameter Equalizer. Support Peak, Low-shelf, high-shelf type filter and custom parameters for frequency, gain and Q(Bandwidth)
  • High/Low pass filter: Support Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz–Riley filter and 6, 12, 24 dB per octave
  • Feedback Eliminator(FBE): Support by a Frequency Shifter which is based on Hilbert Transform
  • Familiar with Pitch Shifter, Echo(Stereo Echo), Reverb, Compressor, Mixer


  • Familiar with Cortex-m0 MCU by Nuvoton
  • SPI, I2C, Uart, USB(HID device), LED, LCD, NEC ir....etc
  • Support security communication and anti-crack protection
  • Hardware/Software debugging: Familiar with Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Logic analyzer, Audio Precision, JTAG ICE

Android App

  • Familiar with Reactive programming with RxJava

Windows App

  • Familiar Pyside(QT binding) and Reactive programming with RxPy
  • Show frequency response (Data visualization) by Matplotlib
  • Communicate with audio devices through BT and USB

Oct 2013 - Jun 2015

Co-Founder  8tory

Scrum Master

  • I introduced Scrum to the team. Communicated with team members and product owner. Maintained the product backlog, stories and sprints

Android App

  • Familiar with Reactive Programming(RxJava), Lambda, Method Chaining
  • Database: SQL(ActiveAndroid as ORM), NoSQL(Parse, Couchbase)
  • Facebook API: android-simple-facebook, RetroFacebook, RxFacebook
  • Algorithm: Search for the fitting memory at the moment(time and space)

Oct 2011 - Sep 2013

Software Supervisor  Gigabyte

Engineering Manager

  • Responsible for BSP and SI and managing a maximum of 8 members

Android System Integration

  • Improved system stability and performance
  • Fixed system level bugs, Andoid original bugs, CTS issues.
  • Familiar with daemon, Android HAL, Android framework

Android BSP

  • Board bring up
  • Driver porting: touch panel, lcm, sensors, audio, sd card, camera, power
  • Implemented daemon, HAL, service, framework

Aug 2008 - Sep 2011

Senior Software Engineer  Gigabyte

Windows Mobile App

  • Implemented Dialer(Phone canvas), System services
  • Implemented SmartContacts, includes algorithm, UI/UX design and patent
  • Injected customized UI into the original system application by message hook
  • Get the top ten popular applications by dll injection and API hook

Android App

  • Implemented SmartContacts, SmartDailer, Fm app, GSecurity


2005 - 2007

Tamkang University

Master of Aerospace

2001 - 2005

Tamkang University

Bachelor of Aerospace

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