Wesley McEwen

[email protected]  •  (907) 500-2709 •  Juneau, AK

Career Objectives
My objective is to utilize my skills to build a career of a most exemplary salesmen. Specialized in five years of local sales and technology services, I'm a self-motivated sales performer. I excel in markets that test my skills of demonstrating product's benefits, establishing relationships with foreign customers and businesses, and controlling escalations and diffusing concerns through active listening.

Skills & Experience
  • Five years of growing sales experience. Generating $200,000 in seasonal revenue in my last seasonal position, I specialize in cross-selling of telecommunications products and services.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills that build positive rapport with members of different store locations, departments, and other businesses.
  • Diffusing customer escalations by offering long-term solutions.
  • Communicating with local and overseas vendors to handle small business order fulfillment, margin negotiations, and invoice payments.
  • Fulfilling job responsibilities under pressure, and in the presence of multiple, long-term, distractions and interruptions.
  • Active listening, concentrating on parties' concerns to form the best response.
  • Dressing professionally, projecting an approachable and comfortable body language.
  • Opening and closing of stores alone, and delegating opening/closing procedures when working with direct reports.
  • Processing incoming and outgoing customer payments, and completing commercial deposits.
  • Balancing daily upwards of $1 million on-hand money and assets with zero margin for error, and minimal supervision.
  • Managing operations, duties, and training of direct reports.
  • Completing self-started projects with minimal to no supervision.
  • Organizing and archival of years worth of confidential paperwork.
  • Quick computer typing, 90-100 words per minute.
  • Professionally answering phones and composing emails.
  • Punctual and on time. I respect the time of others and myself.
  • Organizational and conscious of time management, I'm always re-evaluating preferable uses of time and resources.
  • Assessment of risk, setting contingency plans, and remaining stoic through adversity.
  • Adapting to change, (such as market strategies and changes in software, hardware, and finances.)
  • Driving safely, consciously observing habits of other drivers and occupants.
  • Welcoming constructive criticism, different perspectives, and advice.
  • Gathering statistics, pinpointing strengths that can be applied to selling of other products, and areas that need improvement.
  • Trading securities and options on stock market platforms and researching publicly traded companies.
  • Proficient in Microsoft's software suites, (including Word, Excel, Outlook) Adobe Photoshop, and more.

Retail Specialist II, GCI Corp.
Juneau AK,
December 2014 - Present day
Store Manager, Southeast Digital Photography,
Juneau AK,
August 2011 - September 2014

Election Central Worker, City & Borough of Juneau,
Juneau AK,
October 2010 - October 2014 (Annual position)

Bookkeeper/Office Associate, Home Depot,

Juneau AK,

December 2011 - September 2012

President, Officer, UAS Gaming Club
Juneau AK, November 2013 - April 2015
This position allowed me to gain experience in petitioning support from several small businesses, build sponsorship relationships that provided additional funds, and non-monetary resources, and improved my public speaking and community outreach.

Yaakoosgé Daakahídi Alternative High School. Juneau AK
2007 - Graduated in 2012

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