蔡承翰 | Neil

About 3 years of experience as a soware quality assurance with extensive experience in performing manual testing, test design, test plan and test automation. 

 Email : [email protected]                    Phone: 0953137011   

QA Skill

Testing experience

▪︎ manual testing 

   ▫︎ Familiar experience in Front-end testing of iOS APP, 
       Android App, Web, Mobile Web, tvOS, Android TV
   ▫︎ Familiar experience in back-end testing of restful API,
       GraphQL API

 ▪︎ Automation testing 

   ▫︎ Familiar experience in automated testing of restful api,
       GraphQL APIWeb, iOS app

 ▪︎ Familiar experience of root cause analysis and 
    risk  control 

 ▪︎ Strong in communication with development

Related tools

▪︎ Frontend 

   ▫︎ Charles, ProxyMan, ADB command line, Android Studio
       Chrome Dev tool

▪︎ Backend

   ▫︎ PostMan, MySQL, Kibana 

▪︎ Automation

   ▫︎ Robot Framework, Python, Jenkins, Git

▪︎ Others

   ▫︎ XMind, JIRA, Confluence  

Work experience

CATCHPLAY - Senior QA Engineer

December , 2018 - present

▪︎ About Backend

   ▫︎ Role:QA backend lead

  ▫︎ Manage Back-end projects releases to the UAT or PROD environments.
   ▫︎ Focus in payment testing, have experience in AllPay ,LinePay, Micropayment and IAP testing.
   ▫︎ Defining test plan and test cases. produce test reports after testing, and report back to QA Lead.

▪︎ About automation

   ▫︎ Role:Automation lead

  ▫︎  Automate REST API and GraphQL API testing using Robot Framework and Python.
            -  Implement all API automations tests (test coverage exceeds 80%).
   ▫︎ Automate iOS app and Web testing using Robot Framework and Python.
   ▫︎ Manage and maintain the database used by automation.
   ▫︎ Cowork with RD to complete the coordination of front-end and back-end with automation.
   ▫︎ Training QA team for automation skill.

▪︎ About testing 

   ▫︎  Front-end testing with iOS APP, Android App, Web, Mobile Web, tvOS, Android TV
            - Use proxy man to intercept the front-end call api information, and check whether the data displayed on the front-end 
              is correct.
   ▫︎  Have experience in testing restful API, GraphQL API
             - Use postman with MySQL to test the api, and after finding the problem, clarify the root cause of the problem in  


   ▫︎  Perform function testing, Integration testing, black-box testing, white-box testing, regression testing.
   ▫︎  Find root cause with report issues by Customers.
   ▫︎  Bug tracking and report.

FTNET (富泰營造) - Construction Engineer

September, 2016 - June, 2018

▫︎ Familiar with coordinate the schedule and implementation methods with various contractors.
▫︎ Review request payment and control costs.
▫︎ Responsible for discussing needs with customers

▫︎ Draw into a construction drawing for the construction staff to use. 

宏磊石材有限公司 - Engineer

July, 2015 - September, 2016

▫︎ Responsible for discussing needs with customers
▫︎ Draw into a construction drawing for the construction staff to use. 


National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology -  Construction Engineering 

September, 2011 - June, 2014

Taipei Municipal Nangang Vocational High School - Department of Civil Engineering

September, 2019 - June, 2011

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