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Will Smith

I am an experienced Salesforce consultant focusing on MarTech and core CRM. During my time as a consultant I have run numerous projects with both multinational corporations and small-to-medium-sized businesses. This has allowed me to dive into the full range of capabilities of CRM and MarTech and has given me the unique insight of meeting the client at their current level of maturity. I am a Salesforce certified Pardot Consultant and Salesforce Administrator.

Coming from England and having lived in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, I am very adaptable to new environments and systems. I am a very proactive person with an enthusiasm for problem solving and innovation.

[email protected]

60 53 85 40

Saxogade 8B, Copenhagen V., Denmark

Work Experience

Salesforce Consultant, Arpedio Solutions (December 2018 - Present)

Arpedio Solutions is a company of two halves. One side is subscription based apps focused on sales enablement based inside Salesforce CRM, the other side is a Salesforce CRM consultancy. Having joined Arpedio whilst studying, I have been full-time since graduating.

Mainly, I have focused on MarTech (using Pardot and ActiveCampaign) however, I am also very experienced in Salesforce Core CRM. Having worked with both very large and very small clients' marketing setup, I have developed a wide range of skills from forming long-term marketing strategy and developing data complex models to facilitate strategy, to building lead generation initiatives from the ground up. This has also given me the ability to advise on best practice for the given maturity of the client.

I have a strong technical ability and insight when it comes to marketing automation having experience in, among other things, lead generation, customer lifecycles, email flows, segmentation, website tracking, Account Based Marketing, multi-variate testing, and results reporting.


Computer & Coding 

I have a proficient knowledge of HTML and CSS which allows me to create and style marketing assets such as webpages/landing pages, emails, and forms. 
I also have strong abilities in all of Microsoft Office and data analysis programs like Stata.

CRM Expert

Having worked on and led several CRM consultancy projects (in Salesforce, Pardot, and Active Campaign), I have designed and optimised CRM strategy for a wide range of clients so I have an excellent grasp of the best solution for the current maturity and goals.

Communication and change management

The key to all CRM strategy is user adoption. I have strong experience in communicating with users to determine the best solution and collaborating with colleagues to ensure we can the solution. 


MSc Economics, University of Copenhagen (2018 - 2020)

I use my Economics background in data driven activities.
Whilst studying, I enjoyed using complex data analysis to determine otherwise emotional relationships, and I use this approach when analysing business activities, does what we're doing work for the reasons we think it works?

BSc Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam (2015 - 2018)


Salesforce Administrator (October 2020)

Despite only being certified in 2020, I have been working with Salesforce Core CRM and Sales Cloud for over 2 years.

Salesforce Pardot Consultant (August 2019)

Salesforce Pardot Specialist (May 2019)

About me

My understanding of Danish is strong, however I am not a fluent speaker. Although, I am currently taking lessons to change that. 

Outside of work I am very sociable, play a lot of football, and enjoy travelling. But my fun fact is that I brew my own beer.

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