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Will Engler

Software Engineer

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Backend Data Systems

  • API design: Developing RESTful APIs, lightweight query languages, real-time streaming over WebSockets
  • ETL and archiving: Batch and streaming ingestion, selecting and optimizing databases for different access patterns, custom scripts to tame unruly datasets
  • Tools: Python (Django, Flask, NumPy), Node.JS, Postgres + PostGIS, AWS Redshift

User Interface Engineering

  • Single Page Applications: Creating browser applications with routing, text and map-based search, and OAuth login
  • Data Visualization: Combining charts, maps, and text to provide interactive context about a dataset
  • Tools: JavaScript (ES6), Ember, React, Sass, Leaflet, HighCharts

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Continuous Delivery: Reliable feature delivery with build pipelines that run test suites and deploy updates across production servers
  • Tools: AWS (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, Kinesis, and many more), Ansible, NGINX, Unix scripting

Experience & Education

Software Engineer | Sourceress | October 2017 - Present

Software Engineer | Argonne National Lab - Urban Center for Computation and Data | Sep 2015 - June 2017

Software Engineering Co-op | Rockwell Automation | Jan 2014 - Aug 2014

B.S. Computer Science | University of Pittsburgh | August 2011 - April 2015

Selected Projects


Artificial intelligence recruiter that uses tailor-made machine learning models to find great engineering candidates.

Engineer: October 2017 - Present

  • Improved core infrastructure for combining human labels and machine learning-generated predictions to generate ratings on candidates.
  • Co-wrote new search system that let contractors to perform complex searches over hundreds of thousands of candidate profiles in a few seconds (compared to old system which took minutes).
  • Worked closely with business operations team to provide better metrics for contractor performance and develop features to improve contractor productivity.


Plenario (@Argonne National Lab)

Web application that enables space and time-based discovery of open data. Provides API for querying across datasets.

Lead Engineer: September 2015 - June 2017

  • Took from prototype to production-ready application depended on by academic users and the City of Chicago's
  • Designed and implemented real-time data pipeline using AWS Kinesis, Lambda, and Redshift to ingest and stream data from the Array of Things sensor network.
  • Built up engineering team by recruiting three new engineers and mentoring junior developers and interns.
  • Improved response time of most important family of queries by a multiple of 10 by redesigning the database and optimizing client code.
  • Rewrote ingestion process to improve reliability and scale with demand.
  • Increased speed of feature delivery by migrating from hand-rolled EC2 instances with manual deployments to push-to-deploy with Elastic Beanstalk and Travis CI.
  • Tools: Python (Flask), JavaScript (Ember for frontend, Node for streaming pipeline)




  • JavaScript for Data Analysts, March 2017
    • Chapin Hall Center for Children
  • Open Data, Open Government, Feb 2017 
    • PyData Chicago Meetup
  • Databases for Smart Cities, Nov & Dec 2016 
    • Guest lecture at University of Chicago and DePaul University Masters database courses
  • SQLAlchemy: Beyond ORM, Dec 2015
    • Chicago Python Meetup


  • PyData Chicago Meetup
    • Build Night Host: Feb 2016 - Dec 2016
  • Chicago Python Meetup
    • Web Development Mentor: Spring 2016


  • Open Data Roundtable on Public-Private Collaboration, June 2016
    • White House Office of Science and Technology Policy 
  • International Symposium on Urban Living Labs, February 2016
    • UK Collabatorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities

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