William Adam Boyd

Experienced Business Leader and Entrepreneur

With a career in business leadership spanning over 20 years, William Adam Boyd serves as the CEO of VeriPay, one of the fastest-growing financial service companies in the United States. A former resident of Virginia, he took over the role in 2009 and has led it to a three-year growth rate of 1,209 percent, alongside over $2 million in revenue. Besides his executive commitments at VeriPay, William Adam Boyd serves as the CEO of VeriFund and PCI Express.

William Adam Boyd graduated from James Madison University and began his entrepreneurship endeavors in 1997 when he founded the Virginia-based company, EMS. EMS developed game console modchips for locked-down video game consoles to enable them to play import games. In 1998, Boyd transitioned to VeriPay Services; a payroll firm focused on providing solutions to help business owners calculate, file, and pay local, state, and federal payroll taxes. William Adam Boyd led the evolution of VeriPay from its early days as a payroll firm to a payment processing company.

In 2009, William Adam Boyd took on another executive role as managing director of toCharge, LLC, in Virginia. While at toCharge, he led the company to over $100 million in assets under management. In 2018, VeriPay acquired toCharge. Outside the office, William Adam Boyd is a fan of autocross and rally events and has participated in the Virginia International Raceway and NCCAR.

Virginia Beach, VA, US

Work Experience

Dec 2009 - Present



James Madison University

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