William Chao

Android Team Lead

  Taipei City, Taiwan

Summary of Achievements

  • 104 Android Leadership: Directed development of leading Android apps for Taiwan's premier HR firm (104 Corp.).
  • Team Optimization: Rebuilt the Android team at 104 Corp., boosting morale and engagement.
  • Innovative AI Integration: Introduced AI tools at 104 Corp. for automated UI test case generation and execution.
  • AirSig & Gesture Tech: Spearheaded gesture identification technology, crafting integrations for FinTech and VR applications.
  • HTC's Android: Led Android app developments (Contacts App & Call history App), integrating cutting-edge features, delivering customized client solutions for global mobile phones.
  • Cross Platform Dev: Introduced React-Native and Flutter to 104 Corp. and built in-house applications.


Work Experience

Android Team Lead  •  104 Corporation

Mar 2018 - Present

104 Corp. - Leading human agency company in Taiwan specializing in Career Development & Talent Acquisition

• Team Leadership: Led a 5-member Android App development team, achieving the following milestones:
- 工作快找 App: Achieved 710k+ users, maintained a 4.6 user rating, and ensured 99.7% crash-free performance.
- 人才快找 App: Attained 36k+ users, a 4.3 user rating, and maintained 99.7% crash-free reliability.
- POC Products: Successfully launched 104 Nabi, 104 Giver, and 104 打工探吉.

• Team Management: Restructured the Android team, significantly improving team morale and enhancing engagement.

• Product Revamp: Completely overhauled 104 Corp.'s flagship Android product - 工作快找 App within a year, incorporating:
- A clean architectural approach
- Integration with Firebase services
- Support for the latest Android features ensuring scalability for future organizational growth
- Successfully retained a 4.6-star user rating and boosted job application rates by 10%.
- Collaborated with the product owner, UI/UX designer, and sales department to design the AD system.

• AI Implementation: Created an AI tool to convert UI test cases from natural language into UiAutomator2 scripts, seamlessly integrating them into the CICD process. This resulted in a 90% acceleration UiAutomator2 test case generation.

• Technology Introduction:
- Flutter (2023): Developed an in-house App Dashboard to consolidate Android/iOS/backend CICD build statuses and test report outcomes. Single-handedly ensured compatibility across Web, Android, and iOS platforms.
- Firebase (2021): Introduced and championed Firebase tools within the organization, including Firestore, Crashlytics, Performance, among others. Played a pivotal role as an instructor, guiding teams on Firebase tool utilization.
- React-Native (2018): Efficiently developed the Resume Consulting App, using 25% fewer resources compared to combined efforts of the Android and iOS teams.

• Organizational Involvement:
- Generative AI (2023): Spearheaded in-house research initiatives and integrated demonstrations within the 工作快找 App.
- Annual Engineer Event: Featured as the speaker on the topic: "Utilizing UiAutomator2 and Emulator for Real-time Ad Exposure Screenshot Capture."

Software Technical Manager  •  AirSig Inc.

May 2016 - Mar 2018

AirSig - Innovative Startup Specializing in Gesture Identification Technology

• Strategic Implementation: Identified new application domains for gesture identification technology. Designed and executed prototypes for Proof of Concept (POC) and successfully launched products for commercial clients including Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, Bank SinoPac, and HTC Corp.

• Product Development: Played a key role in crafting a service that offers gesture authentication features catered to Banking and Security sectors. This multi-tiered solution encompasses a backend server, a RESTful API, as well as mobile app SDKs complete with sample code for both Android and iOS platforms.

• Game Integration: Repurposed Google's 2016 Halloween doodle game to evaluate the market fit of air gesture in gaming. This involved the integration of AirSig's web gesture technology, enabling mobile web browsers to interpret player gestures.

• SDK Maintenance & Customer Support: Oversaw the offline AirSig gesture SDK tailored for the Android platform. Offered consistent support to high-profile customers including CyweeMotion and Tencent.

• VR Development & Integration: Spearheaded the creation of a Unity SDK in C# founded on AirSig's proprietary gesture technology. This SDK was crafted for integration with platforms like HTC Vive (Windows), Oculus Rift (Windows), and Google Daydream (Android). Additionally, the product was successfully listed on the Unity Asset Store.

Senior Assistant Manager  •  HTC Corp.

Jul 2008 - May 2016

HTC - Global Leader in Mobile Phone Manufacturing

Senior Assistant Manager (2011-2016)

• Team Leadership: Headed an 8-member team, directing Android app development across HTC Android phones and tablets.

• Application Development & Customization: Spearheaded the design, implementation, and continuous maintenance of the Contacts and Call History apps. Adapted these apps to fit client customization requests, accommodating millions of devices sold globally each year.

• Cross-Functional Collaboration: Established proactive communication channels with regional customer managers, third-party entities, project managers, and product managers. Integrated customized features into the Contacts app for premier mobile operators globally, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, KDDI, Vodafone, CMCC, and China Telecom, and more.

• Solution Design & Implementation: Addressed multifaceted customer demands and HTC's internal specifications through the strategic creation of reusable and extensible solutions. Successfully negotiated and garnered consensus from all stakeholders to adopt proposed solutions.

Android App Senior Engineer (2008-2011)

• Application Development: Partnered with software feature planners, UX teams, and QA professionals to refine the Contacts app. Incorporated cutting-edge technology enhancements, such as integrating Facebook/Twitter contacts and feeds, as well as embedding 4G video call and presence services.

• Plugin Architecture: Devised and executed an adaptable plugin mechanism. This enabled third-party developers, mobile network operators, partners, and HTC's internal teams to tailor data presentation within the Contacts app to their specific needs.

Software Engineer  •  Lite On Technology Intl Inc

Mar 2006 - Apr 2008

Lite-On - Leading Manufacturer of Computer Consumer Electronics

• Product Prototyping: Collaborated closely with product planners to support them from the conceptual design phase through to prototyping.

• Test Automation: Engineered an automated testing application for PCs aimed at evaluating portable navigation devices. This innovation enhanced the team's testing efficiency and increased the accuracy of fault detection.

• Software Development: Developed a PC application proficient in extracting contact details from Microsoft Outlook, facilitating their transfer to portable navigation devices via USB connectivity.

• Protocol Design: Conceptualized and executed a communication protocol for a Bluetooth remote controller. Leveraged XML for efficient command transmission and to display media information sourced from the Media Player on PCs.



Information Technology

2005 - 2006

The University of Auckland

Software Engineering

2001 - 2005