William Starkey

Interested in Green Building Practices

An experienced custom home builder residing in Montgomery, Texas, William “Bill” Starkey spent the majority of his career with Starkey Construction in Waxahachie, Texas. Ranked by BuildZoom.com in the top 37 percent of more than 222,000 Texas licensed contractors, the company has established a reputation as a high-quality builder of custom luxury homes. William Starkey served as CEO of the company from 1978 to 2015.

In his leadership role with Starkey Construction, Mr. Starkey emphasized green building practices that include efficient and conscious use of water, energy, and other renewable resources. Whenever possible, he implemented measures that minimized construction waste and utilized recycled or sustainable materials. Additionally, he maintained an interest in air filtration systems and low-VOC paints that help maintain an ideal indoor environmental air quality.

Bill Starkey spends his free time pursuing outdoor activities including cycling and swimming. An aviation enthusiast, he enjoys flying his Lancair Evolution near his Montgomery home.

Montgomery, TX, US

Work Experience

Jul 1978 - Dec 2015

Starkey Construction

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