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陳   泳蓁 

Winnie Chen   MSc in Marketing

  Date of Birth 1995. 05. 15     Mobile 0931-146-515     Email [email protected]


When you are struggling to decide between two choices, then create the third one.                                     


 文藻外語大學 五專部 Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages - five year college (2010-2015)

  英國語文科 English Department

  102 級文藻公關室親善大使團 副公關長 Vice Public Relations Officer of  Wenzao Goodwill Ambassadors 

  103 級文藻公關室親善大使團 活動長 Event Coordinator of Wenzao Goodwill Ambassadors

 英國布萊頓大學 University of Brighton (2015-2018)

  行銷學碩士 MSc Marketing 

 Work Experience

讓狂人飛教育股份有限公司 Flying Crazer,2020 年 9 月 - 2020 年 11 月 (兼職 Contractor)

LORE 讓知識飛逐字聽打人員 Typist


My responsibilities include typing text from the audio source provided by the lecturer. Proofreading the content to ensure the accuracy, and provide supplementary information to complete the lecture handouts.   

奧美整合行銷傳播集團 Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan,2020 年 3 月 - 2020 年 6 月

策略規劃 Planner  / 負責客戶 Clients:Mercedes-Benz, PHILIPS , 全聯 , 特力屋 

負責網路聲量及口碑觀察分析、參與 Focus Group Discussion、消費者洞察、協助行銷策略提案撰寫、協助品牌定位提案撰寫。

My responsibilities include analyzing the share of voice by OpView ; joining the Focus Group Discussion; Observing consumer behavior by GWI. Moreover, I help to complete the marketing strategy and brand positioning. 

米蘭營銷策劃股份有限公司 Medialand Digital Strategy,2019 年 7 月 - 2020 年 2 月

資深業務企劃執行 Senior Account Executive  / 負責客戶 Clients:UNIQLO, LINE , Disney , Amway , Brands , 我的美麗日記

負責 LINE Chatbot 流程設計規劃及執行、Chatbot 成效追蹤及報告、HTML 遊戲規劃執行、HTML 遊戲成效追蹤及報告、規劃活動網站架設、網站維運及成效追蹤及報告、媒體 / 社群貼文素材製作執行、媒體成效追蹤、使用 OpView 洞察消費者行為、彙整消費者洞察並參與策略發展。

My responsibilities include the development and the maintenance of brand official websites and campaign sites;  LINE Chatbot development and execution; HTML game development and execution; social post and media banner execution; media performance tracking; joining the planning process of marketing strategy. Moreover, I use Google Analytics to track website and Chatbot traffic, and report the effectiveness to the clients. 

台灣麥肯傳播集團 MRM // McCann,2017 年 12 月 - 2019 年 5 月

業務企劃執行 Account Executive  / 負責客戶 Clients:adidas , Audi , KOSÉ

負責優化及維運品牌官網、規劃活動網站架設執行、粉絲團貼文規劃及維運、 EDM 製作執行、Banner 規劃及製作執行、使用 Google Analytics 與 Adobe Analytics 分析網站成效、品牌 020 行銷規劃執行、護膚會裝置規劃及執行、客戶預算規劃、使用 OpView 洞察消費者行為、彙整洞察並參與策略擬定。
My responsibilities include the development and the maintenance of brand official websites and campaign sites; fan page maintenance; EDM marketing execution O2O marketing execution, and SPA event execution; joining the planning process of budget allocation and marketing strategy. 
Moreover, I use Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to track website traffic, and report the effectiveness to the clients. 


Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • English:  IELTS 6.0  /  Japanese:  JPLT N2

Marketing Skills

  • Data analysis and Presentation  skill
  • Propose marketing strategy and initiatives

Soft Skills

  • Ability to work independently or on a team
  • Written and verbal communication abilities


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