Winnie Lai

Fullstack Developer


  • 1-2 years experience with Java, Python, Vue, Oracle SQL Server, MySQL, and MS SQL.
  • Fluent with Git, Github, JIRA for version control


Fullstack Developer, Advtek June 2020 – Present

Backend Experience

  • Proficient in Spring Boot Framework.
  • Uses JPA or native query to query a database and CRUD operations.
  • Proficient in Redis
  • Uses swagger to build API Documents
  • Creates different env setting.
  • Set dates to execute schedule.
  • Writes Unit Test with Mockito and Spring boot test
  • Uses enum to define error code and map error messages
  • To make sure request data, I will set valid in VM before in Controller.

Frontend Experience

  • Uses Vue.js for development
  • CSS : Used Tailwind CSS, Quasar Framework to do RWD.
  • Store Data : To store temporary data in frontend, I will use Vuex. On the other side, I will choose to store with IndexedDB to avoid refresh and then clean cache.
  • Hybrid APP : Cordova Plugin
    • Built a camera app to scan QrCode or BarCode and read data.
    • Built a connect to scanner app, used bluetooth to connect to phone and scanner. It can connect and scan data.
  • If I want to input parameters in vue computation, I will choose closure funcions to do so.
  • To avoid error urls to enter this page, use beforeCreated to validate queries or parameters.
  • Record logs by trigger.
  • Write stored procedures for reuse.
  • Deal with row to column with PIVOT.
  • Git/GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • Docker


  • graduated from Soochow University.

Project: Movie Review Analyzer

To analyze how the movie trailer influences Movies Box Office

  • Functionality
    • Collect movie info in IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.
    • Look for trailer url by movie name.
    • Use web crawling for reviews by Google API to store raw data.
    • Data cleaning and analysis
    • Approximately determine sentence’s positive and negative By Google API, Python library, Miscroft Azure api. Also referenced by emoji or slang.
    • Analyze the hinet of movie.
    • Sort information from the results above
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