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By Winny Yang品牌事業部 副理

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自2020/6起,為與LINE配合之文案編輯,迄今產出20餘篇文章,主要擅長職場、心靈成長、兩性婚姻關係類的文章。 目前LINE HUB尚無入口,故於待業期間創立「待業中的廢柴生活」粉絲頁: 將自己的|工作|兩性|心靈|廢話|分享給親友與網友~ 以下為近期發佈之話題文章,可於google搜尋標題後找到。 1.是職場勝女還是情場剩女?30而立教會我的事 2.每到月底都只能吃土~改掉「貧窮意識」拒當月光族! 3.畢業找工作?除了數字銀行還有這些超夯求職平台! 4.5大面試最常被問的問題,HR其實想知道的是這些事! 5.紀錄情感流動的瞬間~一生一次的絕美婚紗照就該這樣拍 6.有一種愛叫男人含蓄的愛!那些爸爸不說卻默默都在做的事~
Since 2020/6, as a copy editor in cooperation with LINE, more than 20 articles have been produced so far, mainly good at workplace, spiritual growth, and marriage relations between the sexes. Currently, there is no entry to LINE HUB, so during the unemployed period, the "Waste Life in Unemployed Life" fan page was created: Share your|work|gender|mind|nonsense|to relatives, friends and netizens~ The following are recently published topic articles, which can be found after searching the title on Google. 1. Is it the winning girl in the workplace or the leftover girl in love? 30 things that lied to teach me 2. Every month at the end of the month, I can only eat soil~ Change the "poverty consciousness" and refuse to be a moonlight clan! 3. Looking for a job after graduation? In addition to digital banks, there are also these ultra-high job search platforms! 4.5 The most frequently asked questions in big interviews, HR actually wants to know these things! 5. Record the moment of emotional flow ~ This is the way to take a beautiful wedding photo once in a lifetime 6. There is a kind of love called a man's implicit love! The things that fathers don’t say but are doing silently~

July 03, 2020

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