Software Engineer

  Taipei City, Taiwan


Email: [email protected]

Phone:  (886)910520586


Backend Engineer   •  Aiplux Technology Co., Ltd. 睿加科技股份有限公司           

March  2022 - Present

● Worked with data engineers and front-end engineers to develop a trademark/patent search engine (Node.js/Express, Elastic-search) 

● Developed the unit test and api test for backend applications 

● Developed automated programs for patent engineers and increased productivity by 50%

Tech Stack: NodeJs/ExpressJs/MySQL/Jest/Nginx/

Software Engineer   •  Azure Information Technology Co.,  Ltd. 慶燁科技股份有限公司 

January  2020 - January 2022

● Worked with PM and BA to develop business programs for local banks and foreign banks

● Refactored the old framework web applications which reduced maintenance costs 

● Designed reliable programs which need to handle hundreds of thousands of bank transactions per day

● Lead a product training session for nearly 60 people, including engineers from our company and other bank employees

Set up a web server(Tomcat) for the web application

Tech Stack: Java/Servlet/Jsp/SpringBoot/OracleSQL/ NodeJs/ExpressJs/Html/CSS/Javascript


B.S. Computer Science   •  Ming Chuan University 銘傳大學              September 2015 - June 2019


  • Node.js/Express.js
  • MongoDb, OracleDb


  • Java SE/EE, Servlet/Jsp, Spring Boot
  • JBoss, Tomcat, Nginx
  • Javascript ES6, HTML/CSS

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