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Howard Chu

TM1 Developer  •  Taiwan  •  [email protected]

Program language

  • IBM Cognos TM1
  • IBM Planning Analytics
  • R,SQL

 Third party tool

  •  Bedrock、tm1py、Pulse、TiHelper、Arc


Tamkang University, Bachelor of statistics  , 2010 ~ 2014

Major courses

           All kinds of statistical knowledge. 

Elective courses

           Related to data analysis ,for example, R and SAS. 

licenses courses

           TQC licenses on EXCEL and Power Point are obtained during the school year.


Ebizprise, Tm1 developer, Jun 2016 ~ Aug 2018

  • Textile industry budget system 

    Start to learn the  TM1 . In addition to the basic TI, Rule writing and Cube design, At this stage, we also learned the dimension update mechanism, ETL process, MDX concept, and BedRock. 

development scope :

 1. Human resource Module 

 2. Assets Module 

 3. Investment Module 

 4. Actual Budget Ratio Module.

  • Demo
    In the blank period, we started to develop a suitable DEMO module for sale under the original framework. The scope of development is the cost estimation module, from cross-section, BOM, procurement, simulation to final cost calculations, during this period, i had used TM1PY and TM1R for predict demand.

  • Invoice forecast system

    this system can check the actual situation of the business case through the system every month. It is also possible to estimate the future income status, and at the same time check whether the operating terminal delivers the invoice as scheduled, and joins the Payment mechanism to estimate the future cash flow, and also checks situation which sales inflated in price .

  • Bank budget system renovation

    Assisting the banking industry in converting the original SAP Cartesis system to TM1 .

After reviewing the previous system flow and design patterns, I was responsible for designing the new system. 

The development part is mainly responsible for the cost allocation module.

  • BKLG Management System 

    The main purpose is to pull in or push out request day and predict the future stocking,

let supervisors to adjust BKLG arrival time or make new orders.

  • Side Project

    Ti function for export any cube's Data to SQL Server friendly。


EPISTAR, Tm1 developer, Aug 2018 ~ Now

  • Balance Scorecard 

Assisting the company to convert the Old KPI system to the Tm1 platform, 

using the performance model to create the metrics module, and improve the notification letter content, therefore owner can directly link to the Tm1 correction amount from the webapi.

  • Archive 

Reducing the 50% memory of tm1 service after archive process.

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