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國際化調查系統-外籍學生資料整理網站International Survey System - Foreign Student Information Website

By mingchien Sung on February 11, 2019

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負責使用 laravel 進行後端處理,涵蓋 Model, Controller 資料處理以及些微 view 調整,以及軟體工程的系統分析與設計相關圖表繪製,在 JS 與 CSS 方面無涉略,初次團隊合作完成一個網站。 個人評價:理解 MVC 架構,專案內容已經滿足客戶需求,但在新技術的學習上自己略有不足,且對程式的熟悉程度亦不足。 6人專案,主要撰寫一些頁面後端。 github: https://github.com/WeiAnAn/ciae_inquire
Responsible for using laravel for back-end processing, including Model, Controller data processing and micro-view adjustment, as well as software engineering system analysis and design-related charting. Nothing in JS and CSS, first teamwork to complete a website. Personal evaluation: Understand the MVC architecture, the project content has already met the customer's needs, but there is a slight lack of new technology learning, and the familiarity with the program is not enough. 6-person project, mainly writing some page backends. Github: https://github.com/WeiAnAn/ciae_inquire

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