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滑翔翼/飛鼠裝Gliding wing / flying mouse

By 傅弘陽, June 12, 2019

Translated by GoogleShow original (zh-TW)
使用體感裝置(四顆馬達)及吊具控制2軸方向,與360空拍實景結合,達到身歷其境的滑翔翼與飛鼠裝體驗 負責部分: 體感裝置的設計、吊掛方式的控制演算法、控制馬達的電路與韌體程式、遊戲端的串接外掛、遊戲本身互動程式
Use the somatosensory device (four motors) and the spreader to control the 2-axis direction, and combine it with the 360-shot real-life scene to achieve the immersive wing and flying mouse experience experience: The design of the somatosensory device, the control algorithm of the hanging mode, the circuit and firmware of the control motor, the serial connection of the game, and the interactive program of the game itself.

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