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Wu, Chung-Yi

I study in Machanical Engineering, but I love programming.I have skill in Machine Learning, Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence.

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 0970798667



Graduate study of Mechanical Engineering in thermos-fluid science 

Sep 2014 – July 2016 

  • Relevant Coursework: Conduction Heat Transfer, CFD, Viscous Fluid Mechanics , Engineering Analysis, Advanced Thermodynamics, Fortran 
  •  Papers: IEEE International Conference on Applied System Innovation, Applied Thermal Engineering。
  • I used program and  inverse method along with the test data to forecast the heat transfer coefficient on the plate fin in the rectangular enclosure with two openings. The study findings showed that more accurate results could be obtained if the resulting heat transfer coefficient and fin temperature obtained at the selected measurement locations could be as close as possible to inverse results and the experimental temperature data, respectively.
Bachelors of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering 

Sep 2010 – June 2014 

  • Relevant Coursework: Water Resources Engineering, Fluid Mechanic, Wave Mechanics, Costal and Ocean Engineering 


Orientation Camp


  • Discussed the theme, planned, executed a variety of activities to better bound the members, and led the freshmen 
  • Led the camp and collaborated with other organizers 
The 4th prize of the special topic competition at hydraulic & ocean engineering department 

Team leader 

  • Known the influence of buoyancy, and created a simple float-lift and made great efforts to lift it up through the water 


Language    Chinese(native), English(fluent)

Interests      Programming, Basketball, Sing, Listen to music, travel, share experiences with others 



Python, Go, C, Matlab, Fortran

Machine Learning 

OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow, Numpy


Git, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Bot Framework, Dialog


WaveGIS, AI Engineer, Nov 2020 ~ 

1.  Automatic License Plate Recgonotion.
2. Maintain backend API.
I worked as a AI Engineer in the company, I am responsible for computer vision task and I need to do cross-functional communication.

Astra, 2018/11 to 2020/06

I worked as a Soft Engineer in Astra, one of the best startup in Taiwan. During this period, I implemented 
face classification  includes feature extraction, training model and I am also responsible for backend API.

NSP, 2017/11 to 2018/04

I worked as a Process Engineer in NSP, one of the best solar power companies in Taiwan. During this period, I did my best to adjust parameters for producing steadily. 

TSMC, 2016/11 to 2017/04

I have been a Facility Engineer. During this period, I was responsible for a system, and maintain systems running steadily. Successful annual energy saving project with team members.

Project in AI School

  • Restaurant Booking System:   I was responsible for member-login. Using Python, Django, and Javascripts to finish the web server system. Members not only can book, but can make some comments to this restaurants for improving.
  • Chat Bot-Road Condition Search System: Using Microsoft Bot Framework along with API to get the road-information in Taiwan.   

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  • Machine Learning - Self Driving(Object Detection): 
    • Using web camera along with OpenCV to recognize the traffic lights signal.
    • Using GPIO to control brightness of traffic lights.
    • Using socket skill to connect server to calculate and return commands to Raspberry Pi car .
    • Implementing yolo to detect objects.    
    • demo:
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Experience in Astra

This video is the technology about Astra, we introduce and implement Customised AI+IoT skills .

Astra implement the face recognition skill in Punch Time Clock System.

  • Punch Time Clock System 
    1. Calculating working hours and wage automatically replaces traditional punch clock
    2. Using ML skills include CNN(training model), OpenCV(processing images), Go language

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  • Crawler
    1. Owing to the most of face images are foreign face, there will be some errors if using these images to train face classification. I implement to scrap Asian face from Facebook Group and Fans Page.   Some scenarios such as  exhibition, by using web camera and the face model, we can get the face information include age, gender of the image from exhibition.
    2. Using Go, Facebook API, AWS service, Docker

  • Face Classification(Head Pose Estimation)
    1. Detecting profile face and side face. Calculating face roll, yow and pitch angle to know which one is profile face. We need to filter the side face in the punch clock system.
    2. Using Python, Keras, OpenCV, Tensorflow

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  • Age and Gender Detection
    1. Detecting age and gender of an image. The senario such as in the convenience store, they can know the age and gender distribution of their customers.
    2. Using Python, Keras, OpenCV, Tensorflow

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  • License Plate Recognition
    1. Detecting and classify multiple vehicle types (truck, bus, bicycle, car) automatically from rtsp.
    2. Detecting license plate from car image with wpod-net method
    3. Using Optical Character Recognition(OCR) to recognize the extracted characters of an license plate or CRNN to recognize the characters. 
    4. Using yolov5, OpenCV, Tensorflow

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  • Vehicle Counting
    1. Detect and classify multiple vehicle types (truck, bus, bicycle, car) automatically.
    2. Track multiple detected objects and count them in real-time as they pass a specific area
    3. Using yolov5, OpenCV, Tensorflow


Study Group

I am also a member of the study group. There are four members, we always study knowledge about machine learning and deep learning. We study paper and join online competition. We also write some technical article to share with others in Medium( or Hackmd(

Recently, We have joined a competition of T-Brain, our ranking in the competition is 183out of 859. 

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With all the qualities and the training, I think I have been equipped with the skills necessary to tackle any difficulties. I firmly believe that the experiences will help me to work as a competent engineer in the future. I am ready to welcome the new stage in my life. Your company has a healthy corporate culture, and there is no doubt that it can bring out the best in me. Hence, I wish I could be accepted by you, and I will do my best to meet your expectation.

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