Chien-Hsun Wu / 吳建勳

Three years experience as a software engineer. Passionate about learning new technologies to sharpen my skills. I enjoy the sense of achievement after researching and programming whole day long. Expecting myself to be a full-stack Software Engineer that solve real problems that are not limited to neither front-end nor backend field.

Backend Engineer at KKBOX
Taipei Special Municipality,TW


[email protected]

TEL: +886 908 031 850



  • Golang (gin)
  • Node.js (Express)
  • Nest.js
  • Mysql
  • Redis


  • Git/Github/Gitlab
  • Postman
  • Swagger API Document
  • Python Selenium
  • apache airflow
  • OpenAPI 3.0


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Vue3 + Vuex + TypeScript + Vite
  • Next.js
  • Tailwind CSS, MATERIAL-UI
  • PWA
  • Shaka Player
  • Concatenate DRM audio files

DevOps & Cloud Service

  • Docker
  • K8S + Helm
  • Github Action
  • Gitlab CI
  • Jenkins
  • terraform
  • AWS EC2, S3, ELB, CloudFront, CDN, EKS, ECR, ElastiCache
  • Azure App Service & application-gateway.
  • GCP GCE, GKE, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Storage.


KKBOX Inc. , Backend Engineer,  Aug. 2021 ~ Present

  • Managed multiple AWS account services such as EKS, SNS, IAM policy, etc. using Terraform, to achieve Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) in multiple environments.
  • Led colleagues in utilizing Golang, Gin, Wire, and Zap for code review, unit testing (with coverage over 80%), API development and maintenance, and ensured low latency.
  • Guided an intern to understand the work content and taught Docker, K8S, CICD, Javascript, Nestjs, and other related back-end technologies to accelerate team development.
  • Used Nest.js, TypeScript, and Socket.io to develop and maintain a real-time service. 
  • Used Shaka Player, Vue3, Vuex, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS to build a web-based DRM music player APP, and used PWA to build it to improve page loading speed and user experience.
  • Built UI components and pages individually with StoryBook.
  • Troubleshoot and found the root cause and debug independently.
  • Wrote a program to detect and clean our unnecessary Redis data to reduce the Redis 10% CPU usage.
  • Wrote programs to perform load testing to understand real-time service bottlenecks to promote our service SLA.

Cathay Financial Holdings, Backend Engineer,  Mar. 2021 ~ Aug. 2021

  • Discussed with the team and implement an idempotent mechanism so that our main services could easily avoid double payments.
  • Refactored our main project docker image and size dropped by 75% compare to original image, let it have more security and faster deployment.
  • Used Nest.js framework to develop microservice APIs as required.
  • Used apache airflow to generate monthly financial reports.

NewType Games, Backend Engineer,  Jun. 2019 ~ Dec. 2020

  • In payment team
    • Used Node.js and Express to develop APIs based on needs
    • Used Github Action to make our team have CI/CD and build DevOps culture
    • Designed the Azure cloud architecture of our Production environment and tested environment services
  • In SRE team
    • Migrated the original Docker Swarm service to GCP GKE and self-hosted K8S and reduced our deployment time by 60%
    • Maintained and refactored the Jenkins pipeline to make our CI/CD have high availability
    • Installed self-hosted Kubernetes with Kubespray
  • Used Nest.js framework to develop microservice APIs as required
  • Used the Vue.js framework to develop the Front-End according to the style provided by UI/UX designer
  • Used React-native framework to build native apps in three months

AppWorks School, Web Class Trainee, Feb. 2019 ~ Jun. 2019

  • Built abilities of independent thinking and problem solving
  • Established solid programming experience through 70 ~ 80 working hours per week
  • Completed assigned project - Stylish with Node.js, Express, MySQL in 3 weeks
  • Co-worked with Front-End and App trainee to build a multiple devices solution and wrote API documents for assigned project in an additional week
  • Completed personal project - Live Stream, using Node.js, Express, React and Redux in 5 weeks


Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan 
BBA in Risk Management and Insurance Sept. 2015 - Jun. 2019

• Course Taken : <introduction to database> - and built my first project using php and mysql.


  • Chinese (Native)
  • English (Basic, TOEIC 720)
  • Japanese (conversational, JLPT N2)

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