吳旻諺(Rick Wu)

Motto : Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

Hope position : Sales, Purchasing,PM

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cell / mobile : +886 919 623 271

About me

Hello, my name is Wu,Min-yen,graduated from the Department of Materials and Resources, National Taipei University of Technology. I am a Capricorn O-shaped. My hobbies are watching movies, reading, investment and financial management, playing basketball, surfing, fitness and traveling. My both parents are directors of the insurance and finance industry. They have been influenced by their parents since childhood, and have been involved in literature, financial management, and getting along with people. Because of being nurtured in such an environment for a long time, I found that I had a particularly delicate observation of interpersonal relationships and was good at teamwork and communication with others. Love traveling, like to explore the world and experience new things, acquire new knowledge, like natural and small animals, have a positive and optimistic personality, don't like to argue with others, be good at listening and provide ideas at the right time. If I have free time, I will definitely go out for a walk, increase my awareness, and experience different people and scenery.


National Taipei University of Technology,
 Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, 2016 ~ 2020 

Extracurricular Achievement

Christmas Party Public Relations

  • Successfully advertised to stores around the school and is expected to sponsor It costs 30,000 NT dollars.
  • Responsible for raising the atmosphere in the event and letting shy participants into the event.

counselor of Materials Camp and Orientation camp cadres

  • Use different activities to get people who are not familiar with them before.
  • Assign each team assistant to complete the task and assign suitable partners according to their personality.

Class representative/ Graduating class representative

  • Inform professors and students of important matters. 
  • Handling of graduation photos and Teacher Appreciation Banquet. 
  • Meeting with the school and Graduates' joint farewell party.

Work Experience

Trade For Life online course production team, 2020.04~now

Entrepreneurship - By learning foreign exchange investment skills in my spare time, I have established an IG fan special to analyze the international situation and track and follow more than a hundred people within a week, and then write lecture notes and shoot teaching videos with my friends.Hope to start classes on the online course platform Hahow to accumulate different work experience.


Asia Kura Sushi Co., Ltd., PT, 2019.11 ~ 2020.7

1. Practical operation - Make sushi in the kitchen, supplement the merchandise on the carousel, and make the customer's order items.
2. Education Training - Educate the newcomer so that he can quickly learn the abilities required by each workstation.
3. Handling customer complaints - Deal with business negligence and guest complaints.
4. Communication - Assist the waiter to take the guests to the seats and provide services for guests of different nationalities.


NTUT Chen Baijun teacher laboratory, subject experimental student, 2019.04 ~ 2019.9

1. Practical operation - Used anodic treatment to prepare titanium dioxide film, and control the tube diameter, tube spacing, tube length and surface morphology of the titanium dioxide film by changing the electrolyte, applied voltage, concentration ratio, treatment time, and environmental temperature to achieve various manufacturers Claim.
2. Process improvement - Optimized the experiment process, reduced the product defect rate, and increased output by 20%. Implemented different experimental parameters and used a more complete cleaning test method, placed the test film  in the electrolyte to fill it with titanium Ions.


Weben Intelligent Mechatronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., intern, 2018.7 ~ 2018.9

1.Communication and negotiation - Collaborated with various stakeholders to economize the software procurement cost by 100,000 RMB, including external manufacturers, purchasing department, and the using department.
2.Attitude - We will always stand in the position of our customers.To provide the most cost-effective automation solutions for design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning.
3.Teamwork - Checked and analyzed the specification sketches and discussed with other departments. Modified the design to improve operational shortcomings or production problems. Assisted in machine manufacturing, installation, etc.



Soft Skills

Word、PowerPoint、Excel 、Solidworks 、Basic (technical) analysis of the central bank Communication, teamwork, team leadership

Hard Skills

Optical microscope、Scanning Electron Microscope 、Grinding and polishing machine、Tensile testing machine

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Future vision

Take my favorite surfing as an example. Every time you wait for a wave, you need to be fully prepared. There should be no errors in direction, repositioning, skiing, and timing. If you miss this time, you You must wait again. Applying the same concept to the workplace is also applicable; every time an opportunity comes, you must take good care of it. Because there is only one opportunity, next time, it will be a new challenge. Regardless of anything, you need to be prepared to face it, because we are not sure what kind of competence the future workplace will need to have. Constantly improving our own competence and final learning is the only way to maintain competition. The best way.

Learning skills


In response to this epidemic, many industries have undergone digital transformation. Learning Python can not only be used for process analysis, market prediction, AI stock selection, etc. I think this is a programming language that must be learned in the post-pop era.


People get along and communicate with each other regardless of national boundaries and distances. Mastering more languages will make future careers more rewarding.