Jack Lin

Graduate Student

  New Taipei City, Taiwan

Current graduate student in Mechatronics at the University of British Columbia, having coding experience for more than 2 years, including obstacle avoidance mobile vehicle program design, VHDL digital signal processing, data analysis for the crime rate in New Taipei City, and front-end design, etc.

I'm a self-motivated learner and professional employee and I will do my best to be on the track to make contributions.


Software Engineering Skills

Data Structure and Algorithm

Object-Oriented Programming

Numerical Linear Algebra

Data Analysis and Visualization

Mechatronics Engineering Skills

Control Theory: PID LQR LQG

Sensor Fusion


Multi-phase Machine Modeling and Control

Programming Language

Python C++ C# Java R Matlab


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap4, jQuery


Node.js (Express), Python(Flask, FastAPI), MongoDB(Mongoose), SQL RESTful API

Version Control

Git, GitHub, Gerrit


Sorting Algorithm Visualization

1. Sorting algorithm implementation 2. Web project by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Sensor Fusion and Localization for Mobile Robot

Sensor Fusion for (Extended) Kalman Filter, PID Control for a mobile robot.

Random Maze Generation and Pathfinding Algorithm


Data structure (Graph, Disjoint set, Linked List) and algorithm (Random Maze Generation, BFS, and DFS) design and implementation.

Speed Control for a Slotless Bearingless Drive

PID controller design for current and speed control for a multi-phase machine.

Work Experience

Intern  •  Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

七月 2017 - 九月 2017

In the summer before my senior year in university, I did a two-month internship at Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd. where I improved my problem-solving skills. I was working in the Research and Development Department and was responsible for finding alternative LED encapsulants. I conducted reliability tests and thermal shock tests among others on 32 encapsulants to test their properties. I discovered that six of them behaved abnormally in the reliability tests, so I could not compare all 32 encapsulants. My direct supervisor and I decided to change the production process of the six samples. Eventually, by changing the baking process, we managed to achieve reliability for the six samples.


University of British Columbia

Master of Engineering in Mechatronics Design

2019 - 2021

Chang Gung University

Mechanical Engineering

2014 - 2018

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