陳彥榮 (Yan-Rong Chen)

iOS developer with 3+ years experiences in iOS development. Experienced with UIKit/SwiftUI, LLDB debugging, AVFoundation and other iOS frameworks. Able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people. Self-motivated and able to build maintainable apps with high quality. Focused on the trend of iOS development (with WWDC and forums) and Flutter development.  Love graphic design, drone, badminton and Apple ecosystem.

Senior Software Engineer at Perfect Corp. Taipei, Taiwan. 

Contact me by mail: [email protected].

Work Experiences

March 2020 - Present

Senior Software Engineer at Perfect Corp. Taipei. Taiwan.

A video editing app with virtual makeup functionalities. Support video preprocessing like scaling and trimming, and video rendering with applied effects. 300k+ users with 99% crash-free rate. 
    • Develop features by combining Flutter framework with iOS frameworks for the declarative UI
    • Handle communications between Flutter and iOS by method channel and streams
    • Improve Flutter video performance by integrating Texture rendering with pixel buffer reading. 
    • Integrate GPUImage and Metal framework for image processing and rendering.
    • Flutter usages: Notification, ValueNotifier, StreamController, Provider, Bloc, GlobalKey, and so on.
    • Build preprocessing mechanism, draft mechanism, local notification mechanism, gamification mechanism.
    • Handle UI features and business logics
    • Handle CRUD operations with sqlite.
    • Bugs resolving and issues tracking.
    • Build stateless widgets with RiverPod framework.
    • Build reusable widgets with gestures.
  • YouCam Toolkit (SwiftUI / Swift)
    • Develop features with SwiftUI and Combine framework under the VIP architecture and the concept of declarative UI.  
  • YouCam for Business (Swift / Objc)
    • Build contactless features with gesture recognition and voice recognition for the B2B project to deal with COVID-19.

August 2018 - February 2020

iOS Software Engineer at Masterwork Aoitek Co. Ltd. Taipei. Taiwan.

The Lollipop app provides services that are related to 24/7 live streaming and works closely with backend services and the hardware devices. 10k+ users. with 97% crash-free rate. 

    • Refactor most of the codes with Swift and MVVM design pattern from Objective-C and MVC. 
    • Introduce data-driven development (DDD) to the app by changing how app works with local database. 
    • Use Notification Service Extension to build custom content of notification for users in different time zones. Synchronize data with RESTful APIs and access real time data with Socket or MQTT. In addition, specify the binding between iPhone and hardware device with core bluetooth framework. 
    • Build player with live streaming and support background playing, and work with streaming protocol. 
    • Build controls for player with AVFoundation framework, like seeking, tracing progress of playback, fast forward and snapshot. 
    • Build views with nested view controllers, and set up UI by the concept of adaptive layout
    • Optimize transitions between view controllers with custom transition. 
    • Optimize performance with GCD, Dispatch Group and Operations
    • Optimize UI with animations.
    • Programmatic layout / Storyboard / XIB. 


M.S. Degree of Computer Science and Engineering

NSYSU. Graduated in 2018. 

B.S. Degree of Library and Information Science

NTU. Graduated in 2016.

Thesis & Research

I had proposed a conference paper improved quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm on IEEE SMC in 2018, which solved data clustering problem with better results and performance. 


I shared what I learned in iOS development by writing technical articles in Medium. Also, I joined the Medium's largest active publication The Startup and Flawless iOS as an approved writer.

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