蕭竣文 Chun Wen,Xiao

Chun-Wen Xiao is a recent business and finance graduated student with experience in marketing research, project management training and financial reporting analysis. I appreciate all the experience and opportunities which fundamentally build up my professional abilities.



Contact Details:

+886 923880963

[email protected]

Taichung, TW

Academic Background 

Bachelor of Finance And International Business, Fu Jen University, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Specialized in Marketing , International trade and Accounting

Minor in e-commerce program



  • TOEIC:840
  • Basic knowledge of south east Asia language :Vietnamese, Thai

Soft Skills

  • Experience of organizing large activities
  • Good oral and written communications
  • Strong problems-solving ability
  • Logical thinking and creative ideas

Hard Skills

  • Microsoft system:word, power point, excel(Pivot, Slicers skills)
  • Google cloud application
  • Power director, Movie maker
  • English business email writing skills 


Corning innovator─innovative application competition, Merit Award

Creating a product to make human life better from 0 to 100, including planning project, drawing up marketing strategyresearching potential market, negotiating with cooperate firm, designing own vendor at exhibition, and final presentation.

Corning innovator copetition presentation

B2B cross-border e-commerce competition, Challenge Completed  Award

Becoming an excellent teamwork player, solving problems under every situation in limited time while learning e-commerce training lessons, and final presentation.
Graduation monograph, Honorable Mention
A presentation related to macroeconomics of Thailand.
Investigating the tourism industry and the automobile industry of Thailand, which occupied the greatest proportion of the country's GDP growing.

Club experience

Student Association of Finance & International Business Department, Director of PlanningJul 2016 ~ Jun 2017 

Executor and planner of the orientation camp

Alumni Association of Taichung, Vice Director, Jul 2015 ~ Jun 2016 

  • Christmas Party Jointly Held by 9 School DepartmentsFirst activity cooperates with different schools,  promoting by Instagram posts and hashtags, set a record of 600 guests, and profit $150,000.
  • Taichung Culinary Exhibition—Marketing promotion by creating Facebook fan page, distribution and cost management, first time profit from this activity. (net income:$12,755)

Fan page of Taichung Culinary Exhibition

Basketball Team of Fu Jen, Player, Sep 2014 ~ Jun 2016 

Semester 104 University Basketball League 4th
Strictly trained myself for the target. Willing to sacrifice and pull out all the stops to succeed.

Work experience

識博Project Management Services, intern, Aug 2017 ~ Sep 2018

  • Holding large courses of lectures and exhibition
  • Collecting and Analyzing market share data
  • Preparing and executing Business Management training lessons
  • Organizing intern's job details into SOP by Microsoft system
  • Negotiating with cooperate partners
  • Project Management series courses teacher assistant
  • New internship orientation


萬寶Securities Firm, financial magazine department intern, Jul 2017 ~ Sep 2017

  • Editing stock market articles
  • Collecting and Organizing opening & closing reports
  • Writing fundamental / industry analysis reports
  • Participating in 106/Q3 investor conference of 12 companies
  • Participating in fund marketing proposal conference


Fubon Life Insurance, sales, Dec 2016 ~ Jun 2017

  • Multiple certificates qualified
  • Rookie award by hitting sales goal:$25,000/month


About me

My name is Chun-wen, Xiao, a lifelong learner who born in a diligent family. I have started to work as a servitor and absorbed every skills to make myself better since I was 16. While studying international business courses in Fu Jen university, I have been deeply fascinated with Marketing, therefore, I buried myself in this realm. I learned aggressively and took every chances to participate in competitions to enhance my professional abilities.

As the proverb goes, ''He that travels far knows much.'' Beside studying, I anticipated many activities to build up the abilities of expressing things more clearly than others, creating plan, holding activities as a director, and turning into an excellent teamwork player or eloquent leader.

Stepped into the field that students most afraid of being fraud, insurance industry. I devoted myself for seeing clearly behind the myth, in order to improve my self-value instead. As a financial reporter and with the background of project management, I can offer you the specialty of organizing and analyzing complex information, and the skills to work effectively and systematically.

Like Martin Hiesboeck, as the master of marketing said:''Digital marketing is the next battle of marketing field.''

With my diligent personality and ample knowledge. I'm ready and looking forward to learn actively and make all-out effort on this offer.

Thank you for taking your time review my resume.

If there is any question. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

contact details :

cellphone:+886 923880963

email[email protected]  

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