Hunter Liao

  Taoyuan City, Taiwan

   [email protected]

   +886 988 627 599

Work Experience

June 2021 - Present

0.5 Year

IOT System Integration Engineer  Inwellcom Technology Corp.

♦  Responsibility for the development of Intelligent Building
♦ Combined other systems to our system, like Elevator system, Access control system, Fire system...
♦ Collect and analyze signals of other system(Modbus、BacNet、OPC、RS232、MSSQL、MySQL、Microsoft Access)which can use MQTT to our Back-end service
♦ Import new technology (Electricity demand forecasting using Deep learning)

June 2020 - June  2021

1 Year

IT-System Engineer  ASE ChungLi

【Team - Intelligent Manufacturing】 2020/6-2020/12
Import new technology
-Defect Detection for Wafer
-FDC(Fault Detection & Classification)

【Team - System Designer】 2021/1-2021/6
♦ Develop MES、EAP System (C#、VB6、Oracle)

Mar 2020 - Aug 2020

0.5  Year

AI - Intern(project

ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute)

Project topic :「Deep learning training model development on edge devices」
Use Ranger Optimizer to train the BF16 Format model

Feb 2019 - Feb 2020

1  Year

IT - Infra intern  ASE ChungLi

♦ HelpDesk Serve
♦ Computer and network troubleshooting
♦ Information Security Maintenance


♦First developed  the infrared thermography combined with face detection in Taiwan  Link1 Link2

♦College and University software Creation Competition(National) : Merit Award (Topic : Bus congestion on mobile app) ,

Internship Sharing Competition(taoyuan cityHonorable mention  ,  AI CUP (YZU) : Honorable mention (Topic: Mongo Classification)  


2021 ~

YZU University 

Master - Computer Science

 (in-service master's program)

2016 - 2020

YZU University

College - Computer Science


Programming     Database    protocol      AI              Version Control

C# (Professional)     Oracle            MQTT             Keras                Git/GitLab

Python                        MSSQL           Modbus          TensorFlow

visual basic 6.0                                  BacNet           OpenCV

PL - SQL                                              RS232

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