楊昕峰 Zach Yang

我是一名充滿好奇心,喜歡探索新技術的軟體工程師,在工作之餘也會接觸新技術,在團隊中我善於溝通,喜歡融入團隊與人交流。工作中使用 Golang、 Python、 C++ 來做專案的開發,職務內容為網通產品的後端系統開發。


Taipei,TW • 0972981315
Email[email protected]

Experience / Education

QNAP Technology, Backend Software Engineer | 2018/10-2020/08

於 2018 年役畢之後加入威聯通科技的網路事業處, 目前有近兩年的工作經驗, 主要從事後端系統開發, 專案當中使用 Golang, C ++ 以及 Python

  • Designing and building RESTful APIs for new networks products.
  • Developed the Switch Backend Services, that interaction with SNMP protocol.
  • Collaborated with the multinational corporation, we implement DPI backend services for integration into other business products.
  • Working with the QA team to improve test plans and test automation for validations and analytics products
Keywords: R&D, Backend Software Development, Golang, C/C++, CI/CD

Military Police in Coast Guard Administration | 2017/09 - 2018/09

  • 服役於海洋巡防總局通資處 (Telecommunications and Information Division),主要協助維護管理 後台管理系統。

Dept. CSE at National Chung Hsing University, Master's degree | 2015/08 - 2017/08 

  • 研究方向為生物醫學訊號處理,發表的論文為 "A New Heart Rate Detection Method from PPG Signal of Wearable Device Using Adaptive Filter",也因為實驗室研究方向為訊號及影像處理(Signal and Image Processing Lab)實驗室,所以就學期間對影像處理也有所涉略,使用 c++ OpenCV 做過課程專案 ,並且擔任過資料壓縮助教,協助老師課堂事務。

Dept. CSE at National Chiayi University, Bachelor's degree| 2011/08 - 2015/08

  • 畢業專案 - " Conversational Dialogue Corpus Tagging System",為語音切割的介面程式,用於分段一段錄音當中的每個詞語。
Core Competencies

Other Programs 

  • Golang
  • Python
  • C / C++
  • Shell Script
  • Docker
  • k8s (gke)
  • OpenCV

Soft Skill

  • Corrpation Good communication skills
  • Passion & Creativity in new knowledge 
  • Problem-Solving skills


  • CI / CD – Jenkins、Gitlab runner
  • Git、Gitlab
  • Swagger
  • Buildroot
  • Debian (dpkg)



This project is shopping cart demo using Scalable Django with Kubernetes <more>

  • Kubernetes 
  • Python with Django 
  • PostgreSQL 
  • Celery + Redis
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I use the Telegram API to get a basic bot.  Besides, I also use "Timeloop" to regularly request the Taiwan Central Weather Open Data (more..)

  • Python with python-telegram-bot
  • Sqlite, timeloop, ngrok

A New Heart Rate Detection Method from PPG Signal of Wearable Device Using Adaptive Filter

       In this paper , we consider the convenience and comfort for the subject, using Heart rate monitoring from wrist-type photoplethysmographic (PPG). Wirelessing to the computer and measure young children photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals in the movement statement. We also used the Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT) and time domain methods to calculate heart rate. <more>

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QSW-M408-4C backend system

Project in L2+ Switch.

  • Golang gin Restful service 
  • JWT Authorization
  • SNMP protocol to manage switch

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