Yahya Kianoosh

Experienced chemical engineer

with MBA degree in strategy having relevant, involved experience in multimillion dollars  natural Gas plants and transmission and Petrochemical projects

* Part of my activity includes process engineering management ,Bids,FEED study ,basic and detail designing,PFD,P&ID,calculations,safety review, existing facilities process improvement

* Active role as lead engineering supervisor in construction,start up and operation of multimillion dollar petrochemical plants

*Great role in organizing and training operations team

*Design endorsement in EPC tenders and bids            *Completely familiar with international standards,sales and procurement,good communication with beneficiaries and contracts negotiation

*My management caused 30 percent lower fix costs ,80 percent of project  adopted  to time schedule,30 percent decrease on waste and s/d by optimization and existing facilities process improvements

*Certifications and Licenses

*RIEng British Engineering Council

* Member of  IChemE UK 

*Member of  AIChE USA

*Certification of performance Snamprojetti company

*Certification of performance Davy Process Technology

*Certification of performance Tecnimont Engineering Company

*Certification of performance Technip engineering company

*International Computer Driving License (ICDL) 

*Start up and operation educational certificates in Brazil oxiteno company. My educational result average was 9.98 of 10

[email protected]


Mobile: +989123859312


Work Experience

🔵 Technical Process Engineering Manager , Gas industry

  🔸 Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company -NIGC

6/2007 - 5/2022

🔸Head of some chemical plants and natural gas transmission projects , process engineering including basic & detailed engineering for different gas industry projects, such as Gas Odorant production Plant,FEED study,redesign& simulation of  some of the country's natural gas trunk pipelines &compressor stations and turbine calculations to decrease the fixed cost for turbine and proposing using Organic Rankings cycle in exhaust gas to save about 20 percent of energy cost of gas turbines

🔸Enforcing people under management, saving huge budgets preventing from outsourcing and saving multimillions of cost by using company personnel potential

🔸Design Team head for projects like Providing design tender package for two trains, each 360 t/d sulfur granulation plant for South Pars Gas Refinery (SPGC)

🔸 project manager, In process engineering modification of existing facilities to recover process waste and preventing pollution, like process improvement, preventing and recovering flaring process light mercaptans added 2,750,000 US$ per year to my company earnings.

*Big notice to economy in design and operation and reliable operation

🔵Chemical  process operation & process engineering manager

  🔸 Arak Petrochemical Company 

9/1993 - 6/2007

🔸 multimillion dollar Petrochemical plant superintendent, including, operation team management, 60 personnel : ◾102000 t/y Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycols plant, ◾45000 t/y 2-Ethyl Hexanol plant ◼️30000 t/y
Acetaldehyde plant ◼️30000t/y Acetic Acid plant ◼️30000 t/y Vinyl Acetate plant ◼️30000 t/y EthanolAmines Plants ◼️ 30000 t/y Ethoxylation plant 
🔸Area management for process start up&operation for a
30000 t/y ethanol amines plant eliminating multimillion outsourcing costs engaged with Oxiteno Company-Brazil as licensor 
🔸 Project Planning &Control Manager for a 30000 t/y amines plant led to less cost &time with respect to similar national scale projects
🔸Area manager for start up and process operation for a
45000 t/y 2-ethyl hexanol plant engaged with Davy Process Technology co.,UK
🔸Project planning and control manager
45000t/y 2-ethyl hexanol plant engaged with Technip-France
🔸Area manager for start up &Project Team area management for a 102000t/y Ethylene Oxide-Ethylene Glycol plant project Engaged with Tecnimont Co.&Snam Projeti-Italy Co.


2015 - 2018

University of Tehran

MBA Strategy

1985 - 1991

Petroleum University of Technology(Abadan Institute of Technology)

Chemical Engineering-Petrochemistry


  • office
  • pipe flow expert
  • Pipe Sizing
  • PFD and P&ID
  • Process Engineering
  • Operation Optimization
  • ICDL
  • Design endorsement
  • Tender Documents
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project Management
  • EPC projects 


  • Persian — Fluent
  • English — Fluent
  • Turkish — Intermediate
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