Yair Shoshani


  Brooklyn, New York

Prominent portrait painter from Brooklyn, New York, Yair Shoshani, started painting at an early age. At the art gallery of his father, he discovered some paintings of Duchamp, Picasso, Mondrian, Philip Guston, and other well-known artists, which had a major influence on him. At the age of fourteen, Shoshani started his training in painting. After finishing high school, he enrolled in New York University College of Arts and Science to graduate in History of Art. He received a bachelor’s degree from this university.

Shoshani went to Italy and France, as soon as he graduated, to continue his apprenticeship. Some of the most prominent painters of that time were his mentors.

Different painting styles have had an influence on his style, but Yair Shoshani found inspiration mostly in the Basque and French Impressionists.

In Yair Shoshani’s paintings are present a range of soft and gray colors. His mastery of drawing and using light and color can be clearly seen in his paintings. This painter manages to get the best out of each model and capture it on canvas. This is why personalities of royalty, aristocracy, politics, or culture request his work.

The artworks of Yair Shoshani have been exhibited numerous times in many galleries in his painting in the USA and abroad.

Work Experience


Shoshani's Atelier

January 2000 - Present


New York University College of Arts and Science

History of Art

1996 - 2000

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