Yakshith GC

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  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India  

Work Experience

Customer chat support  • 

January 2022 - Present

My name is Yakshith, I'm 19 years old and I am studying in reva university with a bcom course, while there I have learned a lot of theory in subject's like banking, indian financial management, management of Bank, and more.

I've worked hard in my education and now i'am ready to apply my knowledge into practice.

While I don't have any real-life work experience, I've had a lot of exposure to the business environment. A lot of exposure to the business environment. A lot of my courses involved working with real companies to solve real problems.

Now, l'am looking to leverage everything I've learned in uni and get some hands-on work experience


2021 - 2025


Reva university


  • Word
  • email writing
  • Speaking English fluently


  • English — Professional
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