Roland Yang

Yang Meng Ru   •   June 21, 1983   •  Taipei, Taiwan  •  [email protected]

I’m currently working as a freelancer of visual effects production, graphic and UI design. I graduated from the department of Industrial and Commercial Design in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. I have worked in JL Design, Grass Jelly Studio and RisingTek and my specialties are visual effects production, animation creation and graphic design. I like the mixed media work that can express creative and black humor and I’m a person who enjoys communication and absorbing new things.

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My works from different fields are all collected here, with detailed records of the production procedure and final works from several projects, including VFX, Graphic and UI Design.

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Professional Experience

RisingTek lnc. 2015 / 09 ~ 2017 / 12

GUI Design Manager

UI design / The instrument cluster of LieBao Auto “Leopaard CS10 2018” in Hunan, China.

UI concept / The instrument cluster of Dongfeng Auto “Fengshen X29” in Wuhan, China.

UI design / Some of instrument panel of Panansonic Taiwan.

Some of smart Key and HUD UI design. 

(Company was renamed to “ChinTek” in 2017)

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Grass Jelly Studio 2010 / 09 ~ 2012 / 12

Visual Effects Supervisor

Pepsi’s commercial “Shake Your Body”, Jolin’s MV “The Great Artist”, TVBS Foundation’s commercial with Mayday “Noah’s Ark”, Ending credit art of Movie “Black & White, Episode I”, “2012 Youth innovative Design Festival” Commercial, Sodagreen’s MV “What’s The Trouble On Your Mind”, Faye Wong’s 2010 Tour Concert Art “Break Free”, etc. When I was in college, Muh Chen, the director and the founder of Grass Jelly Studio, who and i have co-authored some innovative music video, which contains “little love song” of Sodagreen, those are acclaimed.

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JL Design Studio 2009 / 04 ~ 2010 / 07

CG Artist

Main Ident – Aljazeera Channel 09' Rebranding,

Projection Video of Dong Yang Zi’s Digital Art Calligraphy Exhibition, etc.

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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

2002 / 09 ~ 2006 / 06

Bachelor of Design

My major was commercial design of the department of Industrial and Commercial Design.

The final project - Crouching Alien Hidden UFO

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Representative Works

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Jolin "The Great Artist" - Music Video

The director was Muh Chen. I played the role as Visual Effect Supervisor in this work and I presented the dance song by building a luxurious sci-fi style with visual effects.

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New 2018 Leopaard CS10 - Dashboard UI Design

Leopaard (LieBao) Vehicle invited RisingTek to design the dashboard for CS10 2018 vehicle. RisingTek was responsible for the hardware and programs. I designed and proposed for UI design. In addition, I also provided comprehensive guidelines for mass production.

Freelance Experience

Music Video and TVCF   2006 ~ Present

Motion Graphic | Sodagreen's Music Video "Little Love Song", Directed by Muh Chen.

Visual Effect | Mayday's Music Video "Perfume", Directed by Muh Chen.

Visual Effect | Jay Chou's Music Video "Bedtime Stories", Directed by Jennifer Hu.

3D Animation | GIGABYTE's Commercial "G1 for Fight", Albert Lan Creative.

3D Animation | The Feather Video of Acer Liquid Jade Z, Moonshine VFX.

Concept Art   2016 / 05 ~ 2016 / 08

Why IXD - I provided the services of 3D modeling and animation design as 

well as concept art and previs production with 3D animation.

Movie   2013 / 02 ~ 2013 / 11

VFX Supervisor of the Movie "Sweet Alibis", Directed by Lien Yi-chi.

Design Name Card and Title Sequence of the movie “Hip-Hop Storm”, Directed by Jame Su.

Design Name Card and Title Sequence of the movie “Fight for Justice”, Directed by Jame Su.

UI Design   2014 / 10 ~ 2015 / 05

UI Design | Dongfeng Auto “Fengshen X29” in Wuhan, China.

Representative Works

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Sodagreen's MV "Little Love Song"

For artistic conception, the director invited Smoky Tu for illustration design and integrated it into motion graphic.

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GIGABYTE - G1 for Fight

With this animated commercial, which super hero beats the villain, our clients tried to highlight the product features and to develop their business in game industry.

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Why IXD - Concept Development

I provided the services of 3D modeling and animation design as well as concept art and previs production with 3D animation.



50% Image Editing, Material Production

30% Graphic Design

10% Drawing


40% Graphic Design, Layout

30% Material Production

10% Typography Design

3ds Max

40% Modeling, Rigging, Animating

30% Texturing, Rendering

10% Effects Simulation

5%   Plugins Use: Tracking Tools

After Effects

40% Footage Compositing

40% Visual Effects

10% Video Editing


40% Modeling, Material Production

10% Creation

Prototype Tool

50% After Effects

20% Pixate, Proto.io

10% Microsoft Word



I speak Taiwanese fluently, and it's my native language.


I speak, read & write Mandarin fluently. This is my comfort zone.


Listening, reading, writing is medium level, willing to try to communicate in English, the terms in my professional skills are understandable.


My previous experiences are serving as animator or visual effect supervisor in VFX or animation production companies. At the beginning, I felt that it is such a special thing to influence people’s perspectives and thoughts by one paper. After a while, I discovered the charisma of telling stories with animation while producing the short visual effects film for graduation. Since then, I became more obsessed with the magic of visual effects and I started to participate in a variety of MV and business projects. However, I found that it wasn’t enough for me as it was like talking to myself. I’ve always kept an eye on UI design and continued to learn it when working in RisingTek as UI designer. I was obsessed with this interactive way of communication. I delved in UX to observe users’ behaviors, gained understanding of my clients’ thoughts as well as their technique in order to develop concept design, produce UI flow and Prototype…etc. By communicating with my software engineer colleagues and my vehicle brand clients, I have successfully created several works during this time. And I hope to keep sharpening my abilities and to deliver creative to users.

Roland Yang

VFX Supervisor, Graphic and UI Designer

Taipei, Taiwan

[email protected]

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