Zi-Kuan Yang  /  [email protected]

 Digital Technology Design - NTUE  2011 - 2015


Apr 2019 - May 2022

System Architect Invos Co.,Ltd

  • Improved the server response success rate from 60% to 95% when the receipt lottery date, based on 1000 requests per second.
    Led the team to implement it together, including collecting information and setting goals for each step.

    integration test / distributed system / Mysql replication / refactoring

  • Improved the campaign system to make managing user relationships more chosen.
    Built an event system throughout the product to make each feature add-on with the campaign system easier, an audience system with defined tag rules to filter users, and a notification system with many kinds of notice for different scenarios.

    event streaming / user segment / admin interface

  • Built a data platform where non-technical people can access data and create an interactive dashboard themselves for monitoring or reporting without waiting for the work order.
    Cloud Logging / Bigquery / Data Studio

Jul 2016 - Mar 2019

Web Developer - EZPRICE Co., Ltd

  • Developed crawler module for electronic commerce websites, enhancing delivery speed from two days to one day for each website by managing data patterns and link patterns based on the database and defining the SOP of the data processing.
    Avoid duplicate development and keep flexibility for each website.

    Celery / Mysql / Elasticsearch / Kibana

  • Upgrade continuous deployment flow by integrating with instance group (GCP product) to improve the efficiency of scheduled job management and server utilization.
    Jenkins / Ansible / instance group (gcp)


  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Apache Beam (ETL)
  • MySQL
  • Python

楊子寬  /  [email protected]



April 2019 - May 2022

系統架構師  睿點行動股份有限公司 (發票存摺)

  • 優化伺服器在開獎時的服務穩定度,請求失敗率由40%優化至小於5%,從蒐集資訊到設定各階段目標並與團隊成員共同實作;系統流量 1000 req / sec
    integration test / distributed system / mysql replication / refactoring

  • 活動系統優化,提供用戶營運更多的可能性,包含挖掘潛在受眾、多種通知模式、整合多項產品功能並減輕資料庫負擔
    event streaming / user segment / admin interface

  • 建置數據平台,讓非技術人員無須再等候作業排程,可以自行製作互動式報表
    cloud logging / bigquery / data studio

July 2016 - March 2019

網頁工程師  易普網路股份有限公司

  • 開發爬蟲模組,爬蟲開發時程從2天縮減至1天,藉由定義資料抓取流程,載入儲存在資料庫的設定,減少重複開發並保有部分彈性
    celery / mysql / elasticsearch / kibana

  • 優化自動部屬流程,增加伺服器自動擴展功能,改善排程工作管理困難,並優化伺服器資源利用率
    jenkins / ansible / instance groups (gcp)

2011 - 2015

國立臺北教育大學 數位科技設計學系


  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Apache Beam (ETL)
  • MySQL
  • Python

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