Yaohuei Tseng

Software Developer •  Taipei, Taiwan 

Software developer with 7 years of experience working with software developing, an understanding of participating in major software projects, and a strong ability to build Full Stack, Backend, and Firmware related products. Fast learner with the passion to continue the learning process by mastering new skills.



JAVA, C/C++, Node.JS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS


Trello, Express, Spring Boot, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, IntelliJ, MySQL, MongoDB, MAMP, Amazon EC2, Git/GitHub

Work Experience

NSECURED, Technical Consultant, Mar 2019 ~ Present

  • Managed the Government's Compensation web project, handling ten billons new Taiwan dollars and 60,000 users. 
  • Applied re2, Flex, and Bison to implement a powerful and binary tree empowered data-masking module in C/C++.
  • Mentored 2 junior software engineer.
  • Responsible for professional IT-related opinions and advice provision to assist associates and clients in the Singapore market.
  • Able to coordinate in Exhibitions, e.g Seamless Asia 2019, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, and Fintech Festival 2019.
  • Wrote technical related parts for government tenders in Taiwan.


Entrepreneur / Software Engineer, Feb 2018 ~ Feb 2019

  • Utilized Java, Node.js, and express, this product track and store user’s UV exposure on AWS.
  • Provided CRUD functions to create, read, update, and delete to query a MongoDB database.
  • Employed Bootstrap to conduct the user-friendly and mobile-first webpages.
  • Integrated the weather forecast, UV exposure, and Google Maps in a single responsive page that employed MongoDB.
  • Implemented the solid user authentication and the mechanism of account verification via sending the email.
  • Harnessed cerbot to get the certification to enable HTTPS for securing the communication.

ALi Corporation, Senior Software Engineer, Mar 2015 ~ Dec 2015

  • Diminished 30% - 40% redundant lines of ALi’s legacy NAND driver and meet the Linux kernel 4.0 standard. The amendments increased the robustness of the system and minimized the difficulty of code maintenance.
  • Introduced the Linux standard method to detect the different brands of NAND flashes resulting in better stability and a more user-friendly environment.


VIA Labs, Inc., Senior Firmware Engineer, Oct 2012 ~ Jul 2014

  • Conducted unit tests to verified NAND flash controllers. The test sets reduced the error rate of chips by 1% - 2% and helped IC designers to find the logic flaws early.
  • Implemented Table Garbage collection for the eMMC project to resolve the issue which caused the product didn't respond to the OS.


AUO, Senior Software Engineer, Aug 2009 ~ Oct 2012

  • Collaborated with different fields of engineering teams to create outstanding televisions.
  • Contributed 2 – 3 software projects each year and met the products' shipping deadline by solid teamwork.
  • Constructed a chip firmware upgrade system via I2C successfully. The upgrade system helped the firm keep the upgrade flexibility and can ship the products on time.


Side Project


  • Conducted an Android App for users to post alerts and receive nearby alerts such as speeding, police, traffic, and construction. 
  • Integrated Google Map API to display the nearby hot alerts and navigate to avoid the traffic. 
  • Harnessed Google Firebase to store and manage user-generated content including comments, images, descriptions, title, and geolocations. 
  • Improved the UI/UX flow with Animation, and ActionBar.


  • Designed a dashboard using React JS, D3 and Ant Design supported by API from stats.nba.com to visualize particular player’s shot data, including a shot chart and user profile view.
  • Produced 4 extra filters and 2 shot themes(hexbin and scatter) to provide more customized visualization on the shot chart. 
  • Composed a autocomplete player search bar providing a list of players(image and name) in the suggestion panel.


  • Built a geo-based social network web application with React JS.
  •  Implemented basic token based registration/login/logout flow with React Router v4. 
  • Developed features such as ”Create Post”, ”Nearby Posts As Gallery” and ”Nearby Posts In Map” with Ant Design, GeoLocation API and Google Map API. 


LinkedIn, Learning Spring with Spring Boot, Mar 2018


Udacity, Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Program, Nov 2017


Coursera, Algorithmic Toolbox, Sep 2016



University of Arizona,
Master, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Jan 2016 ~ Dec 2017

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology,
Master, Electrical Engineering, 2007 ~ 2009

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, 

Bachelor, Electrical Engineering, 2002 ~ 2004

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