Kimberley Liao 廖予親

I am a student from National Taiwan University, currently pursuing my accounting bachelor's degree in the second year.  I am the chief of events planning department in my club and a member of the students' association. With the willingness to challenge myself, I’ve tried my best to participate in anything that could inspire me and advance myself at school. Besides schoolwork, I’ve accumulated experience in leadership and improved myself in terms of commercial knowledge and the ability to present and project. For now, my short-term goal is seeking a place where I can make a difference and be valuable.

Experiences at school

- Chief director of several student events and club activities.

- GIS Taiwan Annual Symposium

- Business Plan project for entrepreneurship curricula

- TMBA summer project of  international finance development

- ATCC commercial case competition

- Marketing experience for several academic camps and managing fan page

Brief Description

Jul 2021

TMBA Summer Project of International Finance Development 


By competing, I apply what I’ve learned in the faculty of management to practical situations. Besides, through speeches and analyzing data of financial reports, I have a glimpse into business operating models and the international economy. Through a series of meetings and improvements to our dissertation, our team won the second prize in the end.

Jul 2021-JUN 2022

Chief Director of Student's Events and Club Activities

Student Association/ NTU Guitar Club

I am the chief director of singing competition and ‘The Week of Accounting’ in my department and responsible for activity planning for a club of two hundred people. With the ability of decision-making and problem-solving, holding events from the very beginning to the end is relatively easier for me.

Jan 2022

GIS Annual Symposium

GIS Taiwan

By working on our project with talents from all over the world , I establish my independent thoughts and sharpen communication skills. In those five days, besides communicating in English, I had the opportunity to interact with experts in different fields and found out more about the business model of startups. I am equipped with skills such as public speaking and projecting because of academic events like this.


Sep 2017 - Jan 2020

Hsinchu Girl Senior High School

Sep 2020 -

National Taiwan University Accounting Department


  • AI image editing、video editing
  • Fundamental, intermediate accounting


  • Chinese - Native
  • English - Professional
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