Yen Tseng

10 years of experience as a business executive for DingTaxi, AirPoPo and Rydeit Digital Asset Management. Areas of expertise include: business development, supplier relations, investor relations, and human resources.

Personal Mission: To constantly solve exciting and thought-provoking problems, and share these experiences and lessons with family & friends and the world. 

General Business Manager
Vancouver, Canada
[email protected]


Business Dev. 

Built a multilingual sales team fluent in
English, Japanese and Chinese, in order to provide global travel service. 

Social Media

Promoting blockchain and crypto via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Clubhouse. Established a fund from $0 to $1.5M USDT in 3 months. 

Investor Relations

Raising capital of $17,000,000 TWD within 6 months. 
Maintaining an equal and transparent relationship with partners and investors.

Customer Relations 

Designing communication channels that allow customers to engage efficiently with customer support team. 

Supplier Relations

Negotiating and lowering prices.
Communicating with supplier so they understand company needs and requirements


Communicating company culture and mission to prospective employees, filter and attract like-minded talents to join 

Work Experience

Rydeit Digital Asset Management 2020~2021 (Co-founder/ Advisor)

- Built a YouTube channel educating the Mandarin speaking audience on DeFi, Bitcoin and NFTs
- Grew the asset fund from $0 to $1.5 million USDT within 3 months. 
- Established a close knit community via Facebook, LINE, Clubhouse, and Telegram 

Rayhao Information Tech. Co, 2013~2020 (Founder)

- Held over 50 seminars in China, instructing clients how to travel to Taiwan independently
- Built the first Taiwan travel e-commerce shop on Taobao 
- Launched DingTaxi website in 2014 
- Expanded DingTaxi service to 23 countries 
- Secured $17,000,000 TWD funding in 2015 
- Launched AirPoPo APP in 2016 
- Built a sales team of 5 to create monthly revenue of $8,000,000 TWD 
- Due to COVID-19, the company closed in 2020

AppWorks Batch #4, 2011~2013 (Entrepreneur in Training)

- Develop network for Taiwan Bed and Breakfast industry
- Received awards from numerous pitch competitions (Echelon Taipei Satellite, Taiwan Ideas Show, etc)

Masters of Business Entrepreneurship and Technology, 2010 - 2011 (Student)

- Attended University of Waterloo, Canada
- Bachelor of Honours Economics, University of Waterloo, Canada

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