Yi-hua Fang

Back-End Developer


  • Excellent communication skills to collaborate with others.
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle tasks efficiently to pursue extraordinary results.
  • Enthusiastic, diligent, and curious about learning new skills.




Product Analysis Website

  • Collect and analyze Ptt discussions about beauty products to assist marketing staff to understand user reviews of the products.

  • Core Features & Technologies: 
    • Custom search keywords: Create various combinations of keywords by users. For example, users can set brand and multiple product keywords and connect them by different conditions.
    • Automated web crawler: Use cheerio to crawl websites and crontab to active web crawler on schedule.
    • Data pipeline: Established an automatic process including web crawler, unifying data format, deleting repeated data, and storing data on schedule.
    • Search for articles: Use MySQL(in AWS RDS) to store Ptt discussions and search related data in MySQL by using custom search keywords.
    • Ratio of positive and negative reviews: Use Google Natural Language API to identify emotions of articles.
    • Monitoring negative reviews and alertStore negative reviews in RDS and alert users when they log in.
    • Word cloud: Use nodejieba to acquire the most popular words. Use wordcloud2 for data visualization.
    • TestingUse Mocha to implement unit test.
  • Website Link: https://yihua.website
  • GitHub: https://github.com/Arielfang131/Product_Analysis_Website


  • Fashion e-commerce website.
  • Core Features & Technologies:
    • Product pagesUse MySQL(in AWS RDS) to store products information. Provide the API to handle users requirements for products.
    • Member login: Record user’s information in database and use JWT to do user authentication.
    • Shopping cart: Use localStorage to record a shopping cart list.
    • Checkout system: Use TapPay to complete the online payment.
    • Admin management System: Use Multer to upload pictures and store them in AWS S3 to reduce server loading.
    • Cache: Use Redis to improve response time by storing copies of the most frequently used data.
  • Website Link: https://yihuastylish.site

Work Experience

Back-End Trainee •  AppWorks School

02/2021 - 07/2021

  • Spent over 10 hours every day on coding, a total of 20 weeks.
  • Built an E-commerce website and personal project with https servers by using Node.js, AWS and MySQL.
  • Developed and launched a personal project "Product Analysis Website" independently in 5 weeks, using the web crawler to monitor Ptt discussions over specific brands, products, and keywords.
  • Co-worked with Front-End and Android trainees to add new features to the E-commerce website. Created APIs for the product review system. Combined LINE Bot with MySQL to let users search for products and check their orders by LINE.

Product Marketing Specialist  •  Zytpe Communications Corporation


  • Implemented word-of-mouth marketing strategies to increase sales performance by 30%.
  • Planned and managed LINE official account to promote products and maintained blocking rate within 15%.
  • Created product marketing plans.

Marketing Specialist  •  Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd.


  • Managed LINE Mobile marketing project and achieved 1.8 million impressions. Target reached and beyond expected by 27%.
  • Responsible for managing projects on social marketing events.

Project Executive  •  Apex Marketing P-R & Design Consulting, Inc.


  • Planned marketing events such as conferences, dealer meetings, online events, and exhibitions. And one of the online events reached 360k page views.
  • Managed marketing budgets, costs and maximized profits.


National Chung Hsing University

Bachelor of History / Marketing -Double Major

09/2010 - 06/2014


   Chinese — Native       English —TOEIC  775   

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