前端/後端工程師  •  Taipei,TW  •  [email protected]


後端 Django 

3 years of django experience


CRUD, customize account system,  WebSocket, database optimization, template, REST API, documentation, Dockerize, debug tool, streaming, CI, SSL

後端 Go

under 1 year of experience


CRUD, WebSocket, REST, gRPC,

performance tuning

前端 Vue.js

3 years of javascript, 1 year of Vue.js experience

Vue.js + bootstrap

simple front-end page

some simple component


dockerize existing projects, write a cutomize docker file, deploy with docker-compose using nginx as proxy server

後端 Fast-api, Flask

about 1 year of experience


CRUD, WebSocket, REST API, documentation, database


國立台灣大學, 工學學士(BEng), 工程科學及海洋工程學系資訊組, 2012 ~ 2018



鴻齡科技(鴻海集團) -- Engineer 2020.11 ~                                                                     University@2x

  • maintaining HaiLabel (data labeling tool for AI model training, with auto labeling and model retraining functions) project, cooperate with FII Wisconsin team
  • using label studio to build a ECG data labeling tool, and deploy auto labeling model server
  • maintaining and refactor HPC hardware monitor dashboard project 
  • MIH autopilot team infra management
  • tools: Django, Flask, React, Docker, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Azure

睿驊電算(鴻海集團) -- Engineer  2019.03 ~ 2020.10                                                      University@2x

  • maintaining BOM system with Laravel + Vuejs
  • building healthcare center scheduling system using Django + Vue.js + MySQL + Docker
  • building nursing scheduling system using Django + Vue.js + MySQL + Docker + Nginx + uWSGI
  • system analysis, system design, and Technology selection
  • functions -- account system, notification system, REST API, API documentation, scheduling algorithm, shift management, resource management, calendar interface, leave management, data charts, periodic jobs

台大工商管理學系 -- Research Assistant 2017.6~2017.8

  • research on Supplier Bargaining Model, using MatLab

中研院資訊所 -- Research Assistant 2016.04~2016.08 

  • Image recognition and image processing using python

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