Yi-shen Chen

- On the shelves of several apps on Apple Store, which Line bank Daily Active Users breaking the thousands.
- Familiar with management of third party libraries.
- Collaborated with an agile cross-functional team.
- Good development speed, reliability, scalability, low coupling planning.
- Basic UI testing & Unit testing



iOS Developer   •  SHOPLINE

Shopline PoS app is B2B solution to improve the shopping experience for retailers.
1. Implement new features to make the promotion strategy flexible. For example, the store plans to launch a marketing campaign `buy 2 get 1 free`.
2. The database has converted from Couchbase lite to Core data. Improve the daily crash free rate from 85~90% to 92~95%.
3. Collaborated with PO team and fixed the bugs for clients. The critical issues always be handled in half day.

Apr 2021 - Present

iOS Developer   •  LINE BANK

Line Bank is an internet-only bank. Daily active users breaking the thousands.
1. Response to integrating the video call service into an App. Refactor video call service by RxSwift and MVVM to make the coding style consistent.
2. Collaborated with business partners based in Indonesia and South Korea. Planning what work needs to be done, when and who’s going to do it.
3. Handled the critical bugs from customer service when Line bank launched to Apple store first time. Let hundreds of thousands of people successfully create accounts during the opening.

Apr 2020 - Apr2021

iOS developer  •  TravelStart

Travelstart is the largest Online Travel Agency on the African continent.
1. Refactored the app from MVC to VIPER and converted the codebase from objective C to Swift with team members to make the app scalable.
2. Collaborated with a cross-functional team based in South Africa.
3. Implemented new features to enhance the user experience. For example, let users book their seat on the flight on a mobile app. It led the sales by raising 10%~15%.

June 2018 - Mar 2020

iOS developer  •  Wapos

Wapos is the advanced Point of Sales app. It improves the checkout process for retailers.
1. Implement new features by RxSwift and VIPER structure.
2. Imported the third party `EarlGrey` for UI-testing. VIPER structure. Reduce the QA manual testing time 10%.
3. Published the exclusive interview for Wapos on the blog Appcoda and attracted investment.

Apr 2017 - June 2018

iOS developer  •  CrazyMike(瘋狂賣客)

E-commerce app. Be responsible for maintaining the app. Fix bugs and implement new features by RxSwift.

Oct 2015 - June 2018

Business Reporter •  Infotimes (Want Want Chinatimes Group)

Discover information about news events and describe them on the website. Covering beats including the Central Bank, government organizations and the tourism industry.

1. The exclusive interview had hundreds of thousands views on published day.
2. Daily news were always listed on top 5 hot news on Yahoo.

Mar 2012 - Mar 2015


Shih Hsin University


July 2006 - June 2010

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