Yi-Ying Chen 陳怡穎   

Product Manager   •  [email protected]  •  • 

A PMP certified PM, with 6 years Experience in Software and Spatial Planning.

      • Speaking English fluently, confident about delivering speeches
      • Having been led cross-functional teams to accomplish at least 18 projects
      • Developing Software Products (Fintech, GIS, MIS Web Systems and Mobile APPs)
      • Looking for an International and Innovative Company which will make a difference

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          2018 Girls in Tech Taiwan 40 under 40.

          I am in the catalogue of Product & Project managers.

          This award is to encourage more women who are interested but unsure of how to enter or transition into the tech industry by presenting 40 role models who are making impacts every day.


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          1st Place

          I won the first place of international speech in BID Toastmasters Taipei club on 23rd Feb. 2018, and I represented this club and area G2 to compete at the division level.

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          5th Place

          Among 37 teams Fishackathon 2018, Taipei held by America Institute in Taiwan on 3rd-4th February.

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          Led and Participated Projects

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          GIS System Development

          Managing all activities of the software developing process 

          Planning and prototyping features/functions 

          Leading the cross-functional teams
           • Producing spatial data, in-time map layers.

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          Community Involvement

          Exhibition and Workshops for further development along the Hami Street, Taipei, 2017

          Click the left picture to browse more photos [in Chinese]

          Taipei City Bike Tour for Indonesian Migrant Workers, 2013

          Click the right picture to read the news report [in Chinese]
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          Landscape Planning and Design

          Landscape Planning for East Rift Valley National Scenic Area, Taiwan, 2015

          • Applying Spatial Analysis to site selection
          • Conducting colour analysis
          • Drafting regulation on billboards placement
          Click the picture to download the full report [in Chinese]

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          Skills                                                               Certificates


          MS/Libre Office                    
          GIS Spatial Analysis             
          Google APIs for Work          

          Project Management Professional (PMP
          TOEIC Gold Certificates
          Community Planner
          English Tour Guide


          Public Speaking                    

          Well-Organised                    

          Self-Motivated                     


          Toastmasters District and Club Officer
          Producer of 20-20 Women Lead Podcast
          Chairman of Employee Welfare Committee

          Volunteer Experience

          Actions on Google

          Build Actions for your Community

          • Facilitator
          These series of Workshops were hosted by Girls in Tech Taipei/ Taiwan Women in Tech/ Women Who Code Taipei, 2018

          PMI-TW Chapter

          Project management Institue, Taiwan Chapter

          • Volunteer
          • The host of PTIC 2018

          Professional Experience

          Finatext Ltd., May 2018 - Current

          PMO Manager, Taiwan Entity.

          Main responsibilities include managing and executing projects on developing Fintech Solution/ Mobile APP and evaluating outputs to meet projects’ objectives. This company is one of best founded Fintech Startups In Japan

          Experiences 00 00@2x 504900dc09d82f711fdb54cf5763251cab5193a844856da978b2b8f3907ecd5a

          Geoforce Technologies, Feb 2016 - Aug 2017

          Project Manager, Department of System Development.

          Main responsibilities include managing and executing projects on developing web GIS (geographic information system) system and evaluating outputs to meet projects’ objectives. This company is one of Google's Premier Partners.

          Experiences 00 00@2x 504900dc09d82f711fdb54cf5763251cab5193a844856da978b2b8f3907ecd5a

          National Taiwan University, Oct 2014 - Oct 2015

          Research Assistant, Department of Horticulture and Landscape

          Landscape and Recreation Laboratory was the unit I worked for, my main assignments include composing reports of landscape planning and planning activities.

          Experiences 00 01@2x 6daa47d1df70d315f129dcecdd562003831581c4cdd8f9c819aa22d4a24ae150

          Foundation of Environmental Planning and Urban/Rural Studies,
          Feb 2014 - Sep 2014

          Project Planner

          My main duty was planning community involvement events. This foundation was fonded by the Graudate School of Urban Planning, Taipei University

          Experiences 00 02@2x d08cb731546334ac3e784c5845e368719bba256a127be86e720a634d798b8bb9

          C.M. Huang Architects & Associates,  March 2010 - March 2011


          Main task was to planning and re-designing landscape of the Ken-Ting forest reaction area/ Hen-chun botanic garden.

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          Educational Background

          Cardiff University, UK                       2014

          Master of Science

          International Planning and Development

          • Distinction in GIS and Site Planning Courses

          Fu-jen Catholic University, Taiwn       2010

          Barcholor of Fine Art

          Landscape Architecture

          • Design is About Solving Problems.

          Organisation & Memberships

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          Women Who Code Taipei

          Women Who Code is a global non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in tech careers.

          Dec 2018 – Present 

          • Evenalist

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          Ladies That UX. Tapei

          Ladies that UX Taipei is a global community for women working in the UX field.

          Sep 2018 - Jan 2019

          • Member

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          Toastmasters International

          A US-based educational organization that helps members improve their public speaking, and leadership skills.

          May 2017 – June 2018

          • Club Officer: VP of Education
          July 2018 – June 2019 
          •  Club Officer: President
          July 2019 – June 2020 
          •  District Officer: G2 Area Director

          Readings 00 01@2x 77cc06c91fae4dd43a069fa4b813524cd022d4a79115524d3f0d6b9220dfd71d

          Project Management Institue

          A US nonprofit professional organization for project management.

          July 2017 - Present

          • Member

          Current Location, Taipei Taiwan

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