YiChi Lin(林依錡)

Data Engineer & Data Analyst   •  +49 1791317572  •


Data Engineer & Analyst, November 2018 - Present

Zeppelin Lab GmbH, Berlin Germany

  • Extract raw data from different data sources, clean, aggregate, and visualize data in different Tool (e.g. Metabase, Google Data Studio, Grafana)
  • Build ETL pipeline with Argo workflow
  • Full-stack development: frontend(Vue.js), backend(Python) and database management (Postgres)
  • Work along with AWS(ECR, EC2, RDS)

Software Engineer, May 2016 - August 2018

Titansoft Pte Ltd Taiwan Branch, Taipei Taiwan

  • Develop and maintain web application service based on Blockchain technology (Decentralize Application development, web application interact with Ethereum contract) 
  • Ensure service qualities by by implement refactoring, structure design with scalability and reusability oriented and 24/7 technical support for any emergency issue
  • Visualize data for monthly product income, performance trend with Metabase
  • Adapt to rapidly deliver new feature and able to develop both frontend and backend
  • Develop web applications using C#, ASP.Net MVC/API, JavaScript, VueJs, T-SQL
  • Experience with Agile Scrum Methodology, two weeks as a cycle time 

International Volunteer, July 2014 - September 2014

Timisoara, Romania 

  • Work in a international team (India, Egypt, China and Poland etc.)  with local non-profit organization
  • Promote local events with organization 


Bachelor of Applied Computing, Taoyuan Taiwan, September 2011 - February 2016 

Ming Chaun University
  • All Courses in English with  multinational background classmates
  • Team lead of department volleyball team and won the champion of campus annual volleyball competition
  • One year experience as exchange student in Ludwigshafen, Germany
  • Participate in International Volunteer program in Timisoara, Romania

Exchange Student, Ludwigshafen Germany, 2015 March - 2016 February

Ludwigshafen University of Applied Science

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Soft Skills
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Personal Website

You can know more about ME from my website!



A cryptocurrency gaming service base on blockchain technology. A new B2C product started from scratch. 

Learning and implementing new technology in short time in order to fast delivery. Costing down by implementing open source solution, such as MariaDB, MongoDB for Database and .NET Core running on  Linux server.   

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